Before and After: Hutch Makeover (Part 2)

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverIT’S REVEAL DAYYYYYY!! The hutch is officially done, and I’m so happy for you to finally be able to see it. Be sure to check out part one of the hutch makeover if you’re just catching up here.  There’s so much to say, so let’s just get right into it!

If you prefer to watch how I did the makeover, I even made a YouTube video for this project! I’ll try to share more longer videos over there, so be sure to subscribe to stay around a while.  Keep reading if you prefer the written + photo step by step for how I did it.

The Painting

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverAnd the color is….. GREEN! Of all the colors, did you ever think I’d pick green over pink?? I’m definitely having a moment with green right now, so I’m leaning into it. Plus it matches so well with everything else we have planned for the dining/living room area of our apartment. Don’t worry, pink is still in the plan. The color is Amazon Moss from Benjamin Moore. It’s super bright in the can as you can see here, but it does dry a rich, pretty green.

Let’s talk about paint application. You can use a brush, or a roller, but for the smoothest finish, I used a compressor mounted spray gun.  The downside of course is that you need to use an air compressor, but I have to tell you that this is the smoothest finish I’ve ever gotten! You could also use a sprayer with the compressor built in; however I found this one easier for paint clean up. It’s so much easier to get into those hard to reach curves and there were no brush strokes when it dried. It will take an extra coat of paint for coverage, I ended up needing a second quart, but the end result is worth it.

I sealed everything with polycrylic. I recommend rolling on a thin layer and then going over it with a sponge brush. Be sure to use long brush strokes and work quickly!

The Wallpaper

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverTo add a bit of pattern to the piece, I decided to wallpaper the back of the hutch. I’ve been eyeing this wallpaper from Rifle Paper Co, and since I can’t justify wallpapering the walls in our rental, this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

I applied a thin layer of wallpaper paste to the back, put the wallpaper in place, and then went over the surface with a smoothing tool. After letting the paper dry for a few days, I trimmed the excess paper with an X-Acto knife.

The Finishing Touches

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverThe final detail for finishing the hutch came down to the hardware for the bottom cabinet. I was torn between a vintage piece on the left and a flower knob on the right. I ended up going with the flower knob for two reasons: 1. It matched the flower detail on the hutch perfectly! 2. The tone of brass was much more complimentary with the green and the original hardware that I saved for the top cabinets.

And just like that, drumroll for the final product……

The After

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverSo that’s the hutch makeover!! I can’t believe this was just sitting in a garage before we got to it! A lot of work went into this project, but I really think it was worth it at the end. Not only do we have a unique piece for our living room, but we also have something that has memories because we worked on it to make it our own.

Before and After: Hutch Makeover

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverMy dishes also feel that much more special having them on display. Some are thrifted, but the ceramic plates can be found here, here, and here, and we love them so much! Like this is the dish I would be happy having for the rest of my life. They’re that right kind of heavy and the perfect shade of pink (we also have a set in white too).

Before and After: Hutch MakeoverLet me know what you think! Also if you have any other questions about the process or want sources linked, just drop me a note in the comments and I’ll be happy to help!

Before and After: Hutch Makeover

Before and After: Hutch Makeover

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