Best Wine Racks – For Style and Functionality!

Best Wine Racks – For Style and Functionality!

For some, collecting wine is a hobby, something that keeps them busy. For others, it is an art and therapy. Some people keep a collection of wine because of its intrinsic value and others for its economic value as time goes by. Regardless of the reason, wine collection has gained value and popularity over the years and is likely to grow even more as some bottles become rarer with time.

So, whether you are new to the art, or are just looking for a way around your wine storage, you can get quality wine racks in a range of designs, sizes, as well as price. We know that it can be a daunting task knowing what to settle for especially when it’s your first time or when you are fighting to save space in your home. That’s why we have featured 10 of the best wine racks right from size, capacity, quality, ease of setting up as well as craftsmanship. Sit back and browse through — it will be worth your while.

Top 10 Wine Racks of 2020 Reviewed

1. Sorbus Wine Rack Stand Bordeaux Chateau

Best French-Style Wine Rack

When looking for the best wine rack to adorn your wine cellar, capacity is key, and that’s why Sorbus wine racks can accommodate a whopping 23 of your favorite wine bottles. Sorbus comes in a bold black finish that will blend in well with your house décor. Made from the most durable metal, this beauty takes the form of cylindrical shapes and holds the wine bottles in a horizontal manner keeping your wine fresh for a longer period.

Sorbus makes a good addition to your Living room, dining room, kitchen or even garage. When it comes to assembly, you’ll be glad to know that it comes readymade. This means no more hassle of looking for tools to assemble different parts together. If you want to carry it around, then that’s even easier thanks to the handle featured on the top. Sorbus is made to accommodate most standard wine bottles and stands at 7”x13”x34”.


  • Can accommodate up to 23 standard wine bottles of your choice
  • Made of durable metal ensuring great service
  • Portable and can be placed anywhere


  • Does not have provision for non-standard wine bottles
  • Metal may rust when exposed to moisture
  • The paint is prone to scratches which may ruin its appearance

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2. Winsome Wood 92023-WW Vinny Wine Storage, Espresso

Best Wood Wine Rack

Crafted in solid wood with a black finish, the Winsome Wood Vinny Wine Storage is one of a kind. This wine rack comes in twos — a wine rack and a table shelf feature for miscellaneous activities. If you need to maximize space, then winsome wood will be a great addition. This wine rack can store up to 24 bottles of wine, both standard and nonstandard making it one of the best wine racks for limited space.

Winsome comes in 31.5 inches wide and 16.2inches deep and stands at 35.6 inches. It makes a great addition to a Livingroom and a kitchen given its flat top surface which measures 31.5 inches by 16.2 inches. The black espresso finish goes well with bright backgrounds like white walls.



  • Can accommodate both standard and nonstandard bottles of wine
  • Multipurpose storage utility
  • Elegant finish with black espresso


  • A lot of assembly work
  • Limited variety in color
  • Limited wine bottle storage

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3. Celtic Bakers Rack w/ Wine Storage

Best Wine Storage with Bakers Rack

The Celtic Bakers Rack comes with 6 shelves; two racks for your wine glasses a slatted workspace and can store up to 12 bottles of wine. Celtic bakers rack features a horizontal rack made of scrolled wrought iron with a gunmetal finish. For your convenience, the rack also features caramel baskets which can be used for storage as well.  The whole set blends in well with a rustic style of design as well contemporary style.

When it comes to assembly, it’s a walk in the park. Just follow the instructions from the manufacturer’s manual and you are all set. For storage, the top shelf can accommodate up to 20 pounds, with both baskets pocketing 20 pounds each. The shelves can shoulder 20 pounds each with the overall weight of the whole set up rounding to 29 pounds.


  • Offers additional storage for wine glasses and other contents
  • Comes in retro style which blends in well with most interiors
  • Does not occupy a lot of space


  • Requires assembly
  • Not easily portable
  • Cannot accommodate a lot of weight

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4. J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack

Best Ash Wood Wine Rack

If you are looking for a natural wine rack to complement your new house décor, think no further. J.K. Adams Ashwood is handcrafted by the most gifted hands using hardwood giving it a natural finish that will be a great addition to your home. What makes this wine rack stand out is in its capacity to accommodate a whopping 40 bottles of wine. With this capacity, you can be assured to be spoilt for choice whenever you are picking a bottle from the shelf.

J.K. Adams Wine Rack is made to hold your bottles of wine in a horizontal position making sure that your wine stays fresh the bottles remain accessible. In case of dust, this marvel can be cleaned using soapy water and dried instantly. To guarantee you quality, J.K. Adams Ash wood wine rack comes with a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured it will serve you well.


  • Large capacity of up to 40 bottles
  • Made of hardwood which is durable
  • Can be configured to your preference


  • Does not have provision for accessories storage
  • Can only accommodate standard bottles
  • Limitation on placement as cannot be hung on the wall

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5. 54 Bottle Connoisseurs Deluxe Large Foldable Gray Metal Wine Rack 

Best Large Foldable Wine Rack

Connoisseurs Deluxe Large Foldable Wine Rack can accommodate up to 54 bottles of wine making it the best wine rack for your home or shop. The rack comes in two colors, Grey and black giving your variety and room to play around with your options. The wine rack features a sleek stylish design that suits any position whether living room or kitchen.

When it comes to assembly, you’ll be happy to know that no tools are required. Its design is in such a way that is very simple to assemble and at the same time folds flat when not in use for easier storage options. What about its value? If you are value-oriented, you can be sure that this wine rack is a valuable addition given that it is made from durable iron which guarantees great service. This rack comes in 24.75 W x 9.75 D x 36 H.


  • High capacity storage
  • Variety in color, black, and grey
  • Made from durable material


  • No provision for accessory storage
  • Pricey
  • May break apart when excessive weight/force applied

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6. Oenophilia Mid Century Wall Mount Wine Rack

Best Stylish Wall Mount Rack

Wine racks are a great addition to a home, especially when they feature a stunning design. The Oenophilia Mid Century Wall Mount Wine Rack is a masterpiece that owes its design concept to the mid-century architects. It is crafted to hold a few bottles of wine in style making them the center of attraction when mounted on the wall. Oenophilia features very clean lines with creative metalwork. It looks good both with and without wine bottles.

What about hanging? Well, this beauty comes with anchors included in the package to make hanging easier for you. When hanging, this piece brings out an abstract aspect making it more of a piece of art rather than a storage solution for your home. When it comes to cleaning it, a damp cloth will do. Its simplicity makes it very easy to clean. In total size, Oenophilia measures 21″ L x 16“W x 16“H.


  • Features a creative design
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not need assembly other than mounting


  • Limited storage
  • May not be able to handle a lot of weight
  • Pricey

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7. Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack

Best Butterfly-Shaped Wine Rack

kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack features a stylish contemporary style which is compatible with any space in your home. With a storage capacity of up to 8 bottles, this butterfly wine rack is made to save you space in your kitchen. Kamenstein features a horizontal style which we all know is key to keeping your wine fresh until when it’s ready to drink.

If you like to play around with different styles, you’ll be glad to know that, it’s not only constructed from durable wood but also very light in weight. So, you can move it around as much as you want till you get the best position. Whether you like keeping your wine in the cabinet or countertop, this wine rack will still function. For cleaning, just wipe gently with a damp cloth and you are good to go


  • Easy to clean
  • Multiple storage options, countertop and cabinet
  • Easy to carry and very durable


  • Limited wine bottle capacity
  • Limed color choice
  • Difficult to assemble

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8. Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack – 6 Bottle

Best Butterfly-Shaped Wine Rack

Wine racks can be quite complicated, and getting something quite simple is not easy, but Oenophilia defies the odds with this space-saving undercabinet wine rack. Oenophilia Under Cabinet Wine Rack is the perfect solution when it comes to multipurpose wine storage. It can be used almost in any space — be it in the office, kitchen or wine cellar. This wine rack features a shiny chrome finish that adds a touch of class and minimalistic design to your home or office.

For more storage capacity, this Oenophilia wine rack gives you the option of adding a stemware rack to increase your capacity by 6 to 9 more bottles. When it comes to keeping this rack tidy, a gentle wipe with a damp cloth will keep it shining like a diamond. Its overall size rounds up to 22” L x 8” W x 5” H with a total capacity of 6 bottles.


  • Easy to clean
  • Simplistic design with ease of handling
  • Space saving


  • Does not offer bulky wine bottle storage
  • Limited variety options
  • Does not Provide for accessory storage space like wineglasses

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9. Wine Enthusiast Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Jail

Best Metal Wine Storage

If you are a wine enthusiast, you know too well that wine is both precious but also delicate. That’s exactly why this wine rack provides a lockable solution for you to control access to the whole collection. The slide lock latch door will allow you to safely keep the curious teens off the collection. Renaissance Wrought Iron Wine Jail — just as the name suggests — owes its ancient design to the renaissance age through its ornate metal scrollwork with an antique bronze finish.

As stylish as its finishes are, this wine rack comes soldered with tough and sturdy iron bars which are not only a sure bet for safety assurance but also durability and strength. This masterpiece comes fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands busy. In full size, this rack measures 48.25″H x 16.25″W x 14.5″D.


  • Lockable ensuring safety for your wine
  • Made from sturdy tough iron hence durable
  • Can accommodate up to 45 bottles of wine


  • Does not come with a padlock
  • Very Bulky
  • Learning procedure maybe tedious given the numerous soldered iron bars

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10. Sorbus Fridge Wine Rack

Best Metal Fridge Wine Rack

For chilled wine, Sorbus gives you an optimal solution with its fridge wine rack which can slide easily onto any fridge shelf, keeping your wine cool and visible. The rack is designed to keep your favorite wine bottles tilted hence keeping the corks dump and thus keeping your wine fresh for long. Sorbus fridge wine rack can also be used in more than just one way, whether it’s on your counter, cabinetry or garage, it’s slim design makes it versatile hence maximizing the available space.

Think about it, your fridge, even when full normally has a lot of unutilized space which Sorbus fridge wine rack can slide onto hence optimizing all the unused space. When it comes to countertops, you can easily mount more racks to increase the capacity of the rack. This wine rack measures approximately 13” (L) x 12” (W) x 4.5” (H). To give you a long-lasting service, this wine rack is made from a durable metal construction with a white finish.


  • Versatile hence can fit in the most restricted space
  • Very easy to clean
  • Can accommodate more racks for additional storage


  • Limited storage
  • Weak hence cannot hold so many wine bottles
  • Lacks variety in color and design

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Choosing the Best Wine Racks: The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you love wine, there are two things you need to have in your home: a wine rack and a wine opener. These two are not only convenient but also highly functional. They are perfect replacements for the more expensive wine refrigerators and wine cellars. However, choosing the right wine rack is not as easy as you might think. The following are some of the factors to consider:


Wine racks are available in different type and sizes. The kind of wine rack you choose depends on where you will put it and the kind of display you intend to achieve. Here is a look at the type of wine racks:

  • Wall mounted:

    Wall-mounted wall racks are great for situations where you are short of floor space. Additionally, they are decorative and may enhance your home’s aesthetics. In most cases, they hold between 4 and 12 wine bottles.

  • Countertop:

    These are made to perfectly fit on countertops. They are small in size, even though there are some with a capacity of up to 50 bottles. You can place them on fireplace mantels, end tables in the living room, kitchen countertops, and bookcases.

  • Floor wine racks:

    These look very similar to those placed on countertops. The major difference between the two is that floor wine racks and high-capacity and could hold wine bottles in the hundreds. However, there are low-capacity wine racks that fall into this category.

  • Hanging Wine Racks:

    Instead of being wall-mounted, these wine racks hang from the ceiling. For it to hold a number of wine bottles, it should be sturdy and strong. These wine racks are great for saving on floor space.

Size and Capacity

A good wine rack is one that fits in the available space. It should also have the ability to hold the many wine bottles you need to store. If you have up to a dozen wine bottles, you need a wall-mounted or hanging racks. However, if you need to store hundreds of bottles, consider floor wine racks.

The good thing with smaller wine racks is that finding space to put them is easy. However, for the sizeable wine racks, you ought to have a pretty good idea on where you will put them. It is important that your wine rack is able to hold the bottle size you have in mind. Thus, if you prefer magnum-sized wine bottles, ensure you have an appropriate wine rack.


Wine racks are either wooden or metallic. For something traditional, buy a wooden wine rack. The earthy colors not only feel but look great. Wooden wine racks are mostly floor or countertop in nature. For hanging or wall-mounted wine racks, the metallic variety works very well.

Additionally, metallic wine racks make for a more contemporary style. They are mainly silver or black in color. They are sturdy and capable of holding many wine bottles, depending on where you intend to put it.


Apart from storing wine bottles, the racks can be aesthetically appealing. Only that they need to be colorful. If wall-mounted, wine racks tend to turn into attractive pieces of art. You may also look for racks that provide rustic, modern or visually appealing looks.

Before you settle on a specific style of wine rack, sift through the different options available in online stores. Check out photographs of wine racks and decide on one that best appeals to you. it is up to you to decide on what you define as a beautiful wine rack.


You can only be sure about affording a rack if its cost falls within your budgetary constraints. While some small wine racks cost as little as $10, others are as expensive as $1,000. The price depends on the size, capacity, material, and look. It is also determined by how you are going to use the wine rack. For wine racks with drawers or cabinets, be prepared to pay a little bit more. Whatever your storage needs and budget, you should be able to find a rack that suits you.


So, whether it’s your first time to stock some wine, or you are a wine enthusiast who is looking for more storage options for your wine collection, there are numerous ways around it. Go for wine racks that will not only complement your house décor, but also those ones that will help maximize the already available space as well as accommodate high capacity. Durability is key and so is assembly. So, feel free to sample a few of the wine racks from our selected list and be sure to land something worthwhile for you.

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