build a bead blast cabinet from an old welder?

I scrapped out an old 600 amp welder recently. Big stick welder. The case is roughly 30x30x30", at least 14 gauge steel if not 12 gauge. Right now I have it mounted on casters and I'm simply using it as an occasional moving work platform.

I have a buddy with a real nice bead blaster setup. I go over and beg time on it periodically. It's getting kind of old to drive out there, though.

I'm a reasonably good fabricator. I know how to cut circles in things, punch holes for bolts, weld sheet metal over holes et cetera. Looking at this sheet metal box, it kind of seems like it should be made into a bead blasting cabinet.

I don't want to get into design details. I just want to know if you think it's a good idea or not.

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