Dealing with Lowes has been a nightmare

Back in April, I decided to remodel my kitchen. I live in a small town so the choices are very few. We have Lowes and we have a new Menards store I checked both and Lowes had the best price on their kitchen cabinets. I took all the measurements with me and ordered new cabinets. I told the salesmen I wanted their best wood cabinets. He told me it would take 4 weeks and I said OK. Well, it took 6 weeks and when they came they were made out of particle board. I told them that they were n acceptable he said that he misunderstood and the wood cabinets would be $600 more. I paid the extra and he said it would be 4 more weeks it took 7 weeks. When I got the cabinets I found three had broken door and one didn't even have doors at all and one side wouldn't fit. He said that he would take care of it but it would take four weeks to get the new cabinet and doors. it took 6 weeks. To make a long story short every order they sent me was wrong and here it is October and I still don't have a kitchen. I have complained and threatened and I still don't have a kitchen. Thank God the guy is coming tomorrow to install the countertop and get everything done hopefully. I think at this point I am past being able to recommend Lowes to anyone. I'm just saying. #GeneralGarageDiscussion