Dining Room

Our dining room is probably the easiest room in our house to take care of.  We use it every day, but we keep it pretty streamlined and clutter free.  Like most families the table is the stage for many things – online schooling, homework, art projects, financial planning, doing taxes, family meetings, conversations with friends and family, not to mention a lot of really great meals and loads of celebrations.  Our dining room is an important area of our home.


In our dining room is a table and four chairs and a built in china cabinet which houses a large part of my Pyrex collection as well as the glassware we don’t use every day.  Recently I did a little bit of a declutter and purged quite a bit from the dining room to make it even more streamlined.  I removed glassware and dishes we do not use anymore and I’ve got a few items in there that my youngest daughter wants for her own home (which is not very far off).  Everything else was boxed up and placed in our garage to take to the neighborhood thrift store for donation.


We make sure throughout the day, as well as at the end of the day, that we put our things away and the table is kept clear so it does not become a dumping ground.  Admittedly, this is one of those areas I really have to stay on top of or it easily gets out of control.  I include the table and chairs as part of my daily swish and swipe when I do the kitchen.  It takes less than a minute and makes a huge difference in keep it clean and tidy.  As part of my regular weekly cleaning I devote fifteen minutes, often less time, to cleaning this room and I keep track of what I do on my housekeeping checklist to make sure I get everything done.  Not a lot of effort is required and I really love that part.  Having everyone in the house participate in keeping things in order is key to our success as well, even if it means I have to nag a lot. 😊