DIY Wood Teardrop Trailer

I am excited and proud to share this DIY project with you today because it was my son who created it. A lot of time and love went into this and he is so happy with how it came out. This year for his high school woodshop project, he built a DIY wood teardrop trailer!

DIY Wood Teardrop Trailer

My father-in-law had built us a metal framed trailer to haul things and we let our son use it as the base for this trailer. The trailer base is 6 by 9.

You can see the process of the camper build in the video below. Since it was so large, he built most of it at home in our garage (during the winter) and in our driveway (during the spring).

When he was done, we drove it to the high school. We were even able to remove the front door and move it into the school for the woodshop show! Students, faculty, and parents were able to go around the gym (& the hall) to view the projects all day. It was so fun to see and hear all the kind words from all the students as they congratulated him. It was a good payday after all his hard work.

Teardrop Trailer Kitchen

There is a video down below that shows a tour of the inside as well as the process of building it. I love the kitchen! I gave him the idea of maybe making wood tile for the backsplash but he came up with the size, colors, and design.

There are two water jugs with spigots and a bowl to act as the sink. Under the counter is a ton of storage that is accessed either from inside (cabinet doors) or by removing the sink bowl and reaching in. He has plans to add more things to the kitchen, but was scrambling to get it done for the show deadline.

We have had fun taking it up in the mountains and putting the kitchen to good use!

One of the the other things he ran out of time to complete is adding wood strips to the inside of the hatch to cover the extira (a man made product similar to MDF expect it is water resistant and rot resistant). He put up fabric to cover all the cut marks for the show but it will eventually be covered in wood. The slits in the extira allowed him to bend it over the hatch frames.

DIY Teardrop Trailer Video!

Please check out the video! He filmed the process to keep his teacher up to date since a lot of it had to be built at our house. I was able to download Ring camera footage too that showed a bird's eye view of him working on it.

I love that the wood strips along the top match his wood strip canoe he made last year. If you missed that project, you can see it HERE.

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