Episode #93: Fails Episode!

Hi! In this week’s podcast episode, we confess to and reminisce about our biggest and most expensive fails.

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Show notes: 
-We mention Episode 42 where Elsie bought the wrong house. Also, you can hear about Elsie’s floor disaster in Episode 19. 

-Elsie mentions Firefly Lane.

-This week is Emma’s last week (her maternity leave begins!). We’ll be taking off next week for Memorial Day and then I’ll be doing summer episodes without Emma (and many guests). It should be fun!

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Episode 93 Transcript


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Elsie: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess podcast, we get so many requests for a fails episode, but for us, failing is just a normal part of DIY. It’s something that we’re so used to after all these years that our brains instantly erase the bad memories. And doing a project twice or even five times has just become our second nature. Anyway, with that said, we still thought it would be fun to do an episode that share some of our biggest mistakes and our most expensive mistakes. Let’s do it.

Emma: Yeah, we really were like everyone always wants, like a fails episode, like tell us all your fails, which we would love to do. But Elsie and I were talking and we just don’t remember them. I’m like, we have tons and tons. I just don’t like write those down or document them. It’s not like, that’s what I write in my journal that night. So I just don’t remember or I view it as like, one of the steps.

Elsie: My theory is it’s a survival instinct because, you know, DIYing and decorating, renovating, it’s all like slightly depressing when you’re in the middle part of it and then really exciting at the end. So it’s exciting at the beginning. Difficult and boring in the middle, exciting again at the end. And, you know, what we end up documenting is mostly the end. So, yeah, my brain just like doesn’t hold on to all the things that don’t work or that I had to redo or, you know, even things that happen bad. We really had to wrack our brains for these fails. But we did get our best ones. And there are some really bad ones in this episode.

Emma: Yeah, there’s some good ones. And mostly there’s some expensive ones, which I feel like that’s what the people want to hear. Time’s we wasted money or cried. Well, here you go.

Elsie: Oh, so many times we’ve cried.

Emma: Oh yeah. (laughs)

Elsie: Ok, I have a just for fun here at the beginning. So it’s about a dream I had recently. This was like last week. I’ve been having the greatest dreams the last six months or so, just like more lively and just more entertaining. Like in the past my dreams were very repetitive, certain parts of my childhood and blah, blah. OK, not everyone needs to hear all about this, but recently my dreams have been really different and really exciting. So this is a good one. I dreamed that I was on the TV show The Bachelor as a contestant like, competing against other women, little hotties, for The Bachelor, which is like, so not something I would ever do. First of all, I know I’m almost 40, but even when I was like twenty-five, I wouldn’t have been on the show because I’ve always been like a crafty cross-stitching knitting…

Emma: Grandma.

Elsie: Crocs wearing, you know, prematurely all of those things. That has always been me. I’ve never kind of been like, I don’t know, like anyway how I perceive the contestants. I know there’s like somewhat of a diversity of the contestants, but like, I still don’t think I would fit in with them at all. So anyway, in my dream, I was in a swimming pool, by the way, in a bikini with all the other women…

Emma: This is a nightmare, so far. (laughs)

Elsie: It kind of was. And I was like, oh, I shouldn’t be here. I like I know I’m not right for this. This isn’t for me. This isn’t what I want to do. I think vaguely in my dream, I vaguely maybe knew I was married and had kids, but like that wasn’t on the forefront of it at all — anyway. So the producer came over and talked to me. We watched that show one time that was like sort of about The Bachelor, but not — I can’t remember what it’s called at this moment.

Emma: Oh, I haven’t seen it. It’s like it shows you behind the scenes type thing?

Elsie: Yeah, but it’s fake. And it was a drama. There was like a couple of seasons of it. Jeremy had a song on it one time during a sex scene. It was awesome.

Emma: Oh, that’s cool.

Elsie: Anyways, it was kind of like that show where the producer comes in like gives you pep talks and sort of like tells you how to act and like manipulates you. So they came over to me and they were like, hey, you’re already here. Might as well make it fun, right? Might as well just like see what happens. And I was like, OK, sure. So they were like, he’s over there in the swimming pool. Why don’t you just like swim over to him and like just have a conversation and just see what you think. And I was like, OK, I’ll do it. (laughs)

Emma: Nice.

Elsie: So in my dream, I swam over to this man, and this is what I said. I said, “so…how much do you like Halloween?” (laughs).

Emma: That was your opening line. I love it.

Elsie: And that was where the dream ended. And I was just like so proud of it. I had to tell it on the podcast because, like in my subconscious, I still knew that that was like the qualifier for compatibility.

Emma: Yeah. If someone was like, oh, I don’t really like Halloween or holidays, I’d be like, Oh, see you later. I’m gonna swim away now. (laughs)

Elsie: Yeah, like hard pass. Let’s move back into the home décor part. (laughs) OK, well according to my outline, your disaster is up first. It says Emma’s kitchen: what the hell happened?! Oh no!

Emma: That is what the outline says. (laughs)

Elsie: So if you all remember a couple like months ago, Emma was telling us about how she ordered a new counter, her dream, hidden trash can her dream, like, hidden microwave.

Emma: Yes. So let’s start there. You have to know that about me first is that I have a dream and my dream is to have a hidden trash can in my kitchen. And if you’re someone who’s like, oh, I’ve I’ve always had those in my houses, that’s awesome. Good for you. That has never happened to me. And I really want one. Anyway, it’s my dream to have hidden trash.

Emma: It’s a great dream.

Elsie: And in my mind, yeah, this was a very attainable dream. I wasn’t reaching for — I wasn’t looking for like an in ground pool inside of my house or anything like this is a very attainable dream. So I thought. So I went to one of the big box stores. Won’t say which you could probably guess though, went to one of the big box stores. (laughs) So I measured my wall. I have a wall where this would fit. I could add a couple more kitchen cabinets in my house. So I measured and I was like, I can fit two hidden trash cans. So one for trash, one for recycling, and then I could fit one more cabinet that’s going to have a built-in microwave hole where you put the microwave. And I was so excited about it. Because I was like, it’s going to be so streamlined. I won’t have this microwave sitting out. You won’t see my trash. It’s going to be amazing. I was so excited, SO excited.

Elsie: And the extra counter you were going to do like a coffee bar, right?

Emma: Yeah. Yeah. So I couldn’t get matching countertops because they don’t sell those particular ones anymore. I could have gotten something similar, but I just decided to go with Butcher Block because I thought actually I would like the contrast and it might be really nice. So the cabinets I ordered were like shaker style. It’s really very standard. And yeah, I ordered them back in December, December 12th. (laughs) I know the date and I could probably recite by order number for you because around like the end of January I started calling to check on my order and you know, I know that it’s been a crazy year. It’s been COVID. There’s been a lot of like delays in different supply lines and different things like that. And I am I get it like I’m not unrealistic. I don’t mind a delay. We also had some bad weather in southwest Missouri, I think around late February or March. So that could have been a delay, too. But I just kept calling. I would call at least once a week at first. And then I started calling like every other day. I’ve definitely called the store more than 20 times. And they were getting to a place where I could tell like that certain people kind of knew who I was. And, you know, there’s a lot of employees. So I didn’t expect anyone to remember me each time or anything like that. But, you know, I would have kind of a little spiel of I ordered these cabinets December 12th. Here’s my order number. I’m just checking to see when they’re going to arrive. I’m trying to coordinate with my contractor who has to pick them up for me because I don’t have a truck and I’m very pregnant. I can’t get these myself, so I need to know when they’re going to arrive. And I just kept getting the runaround. And finally they did arrive and I was so excited. Call my contractor. He goes to pick them up for me and then he calls me from the store and he’s like, I don’t think these are right. These are like wall cabinets. They’re like nine feet tall. I know you said it was like hidden trash and a microwave thing. This doesn’t seem correct. So then I go to the store and check and sure enough, they’re not the right cabinets. They were like, well, we’re going to have to reorder them. And we don’t know how long the shipping will take again. And in my mind, I’m like, I really wanted to get this done before I give birth in early June. And I ordered them in December and I thought that was enough time, but I was wrong. (laughs) So I just, you know, was like, never mind, just give me a refund and I’m just going to let my dream of the hidden trash die for now. (laughs) So it was a sad, sad day. I didn’t cry at the store, but I kind of felt like it. I was was like “awww…” very defeated.

Elsie: I would have cried. It’s not going to be this bad the second time you do it. Like, that’s really silly.

Emma: No, it’s going to work out. It was just very — it felt like I spent a lot of time and I had paid for them in full upfront, and, you know, like I just was I’d been waiting and waiting and calling. And I really was like, OK, with the delay. Like, I understood. I get it, you know, but we got pretty unreasonable. And then when they finally shipped the wrong thing, it was like, well, this — I don’t even, I can’t do this again. So I just got to do a refund and figure out something else. And yeah I don’t want, I don’t really want any contractors in my house while I’m — right after my son’s born because I just want to do some sleep training at some point and like learn to breastfeed. And I just don’t really want people in and out of my house all the time. (laughs) So I just like…I’m trying to protect that.

Elsie: I think it’s smart to take a break for a few months. I mean, you have the rest of your life to renovate, you only have a few months with your newborn baby, so…

Emma: Yeah, so I’m just trying to, like, protect that little window of time. So my hidden trash dreams are on hold for now. And that was sad. Not an expensive mistake. I did get the full refund, but it was just a very sad, very random. Can’t believe that didn’t work out. But OK. (laughs) And now we’re going to take a short break and hear a word from our sponsor.

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OK, so when I was preparing for this episode, I texted my husband Jeremy and said, what is the worst renovation mistake I’ve ever made? And he texted back and said, “You bought the wrong house.” (laughs) Which I thought was a good burn.

Emma: (laughs) Yeah he burned you.

Elsie: So yeah, nothing can really beat bought the wrong house. That’s in episode forty two. If you are just tuning in for the first time and you want to hear that story, the episode’s called “Oops, I’m moving again” and it’s about why I moved two times during covid. I still look back at last year and I like logically don’t even understand how we did all that, that quickly. I think my most expensive mistake actually it wasn’t my mistake, but a mistake that happened to me, I guess was the floor mistake that we talked about in I guess it would probably be somewhere in the episode thirty range? I’ll try to put it in the show notes. But when we were moving into the first quarantine house, we had to have our floors done twice because they just turned out really bad and we paid for them twice, which a lot of people wrote to me and they were like, you should have gotten a refund. And like, I know that it seems like that’s something you should like, “should” be able to do. But I knew my contractor and he, like, often brought his kids to work and stuff. I wasn’t going to do that. And it wasn’t the right choice, like, I promise. And sometimes it’s not, you know, so the right choice for us was just to hire a new company and have them come in and do it quickly. And it was worth it in the end when we sold our house. I think we got the money back for that. I mean, it’s hard to like, really, like, quantify that, but I don’t regret it. I think that sometimes like being able to pivot and just make the best-informed decision you can in the middle of a renovation is a good quality to have just to sort of like fix something if you know that it’s going to need to be fixed eventually.

Emma: Yeah, I was going to say, because I remember you showing me pictures, like texting me photos. But tell us a little more like what it looked like, because I feel like some people might hear that and be like maybe I would have just left it and like, put a rug like, was that an option, you know?

Elsie: Yeah. Ok, so it all started when our contractor sent us, like, highly edited, like blown out photos. Like it looked like they were edited with, like a trendy app which contractors don’t do that. So that was our first warning sign. I was like, let’s go over there and look at these in person when I saw it, because it just felt kind of like a warning and it wasn’t in, like it wasn’t repairable because it wasn’t in one part of the house. It was all throughout in all different rooms. And there was multiple problems. There was problems where it didn’t get sanded down all the way. There was problems where there was pooling. Like the best choice was to re, like sand down the whole thing and start over, because we definitely explored a possibility of just repairing. And it’s possible to repair like a bad section of hardwood, like you can tape it off and just sand down that section and just re-stain that section. But even that is kind of an expert-level job. And when someone’s just, like, not even sanded correctly, you don’t really, like, trust that that’s going to happen correctly, like the repair. So anyway, it was actually not that big of a deal. Like it wasn’t the most crushing thing of my life, but it was kind of just frustrating. And it’s definitely a story that happens if you do renovating at some point you’ll feel like something just did not get done right. And you know that for whatever reason, you’re not getting your money back for that you have the choice of redoing it or living with it. And you can do either one you choose. It’s a privilege even to just like have the option. And yeah, a lot of times earlier in our first homes, we didn’t have that. And it definitely is fixable either way. Like sometimes it’s just like covering up and not looking at it anymore. And I don’t think every house has to be like, perfect, you know what I mean?

Emma: No, no.

Elsie: It’s OK for houses to have flaws and problems and things that didn’t come out how you want them to also.

Emma: For sure.

Elsie: So anyway, OK, tell us your expensive mistake. I’m excited.

Emma: OK, so my expensive mistake is truly more a mistake I made because basically, I was being cheap, so this is a lesson in “don’t try to do it the cheap way” because then you’ll end up spending way more money. So in the second floor of what we call the holiday house, but it’s the house I live in.

Elsie: Just call it your house from now on.

Emma: Yeah my house. Yeah, I kind of like calling it the holiday house.

Elsie: You can call it, my holiday house.

Emma: My holiday house. Yeah, my forever holiday house, although I don’t think I’ll live here forever, but I’m going to live here a while. Anyway. The upstairs, there are two bedrooms and a small bathroom upstairs and I’ve recently moved my home office up there.

Elsie: It’s a very small bathroom. (laughs)

Emma: It’s a very small bathroom, yeah. (laughs)

Elsie: Like your head — I’m five foot four and your head touches the ceiling and the ceiling is like arched to a point and my head touches the middle of the arched point.

Emma: It’s a weird…

Elsie: It’s adorably small. It’s like a quirky old house, like, bonus bathroom. Very strange. Anyway, cute.

Emma: It’s one of those quirks that’s just like laughable, but it’s still useful, but it’s hilarious.

Elsie: Tell them about the door.

Emma: Oh yeah. Yeah. When we bought it there was no door on the bathroom and we didn’t really notice it first because we just, I don’t know, you’re just looking at a house and just the way that it…

Elsie: It’s just not a thing to look for. So Emma contacted the previous owners aand she thought maybe the door got taken off when they redid the floors.

Emma: I was like, maybe it’s in the garage somewhere? Maybe, you know, or maybe there’s some story or like some insight they could share with me. So I contacted them because we still kind of know…you know, I got their mail before and I would take it, you know, that kind of thing. And they were like, no, we just didn’t have a door. So I was like, oh, OK. Oh, so anyway, we put a door on it, but I won’t lie. The door we put on it had to be custom made and they did a nice job. But it kind of is like a weird…

Elsie: I think it’s adorable.

Emma: …triangle French door. It’s adorable and it functions but it’s weird.

Elsie: It’s like a French door with a pointed triangle top because that’s the shape of the doorway and it like, pulls out.

Emma: It’s so weird.

Elsie: OK, sorry. So tell your expensive mistake anyway.

Emma: Yeah. So the upstairs does have heating and air from vents, but it doesn’t have returns, which just means that air gets blown up there, but it doesn’t really have a way to circulate. So like if cold air is blown up there in the summer, it just becomes hot. If hot air is blown up there in the winter, it just becomes cold. So it is not very comfortable in the dead of winter or the dead of summer here because we have all four seasons and it gets quite hot and quite cold. So it’s livable. Like I’ve never had the pipes freeze, but it’s really very uncomfortable. So anyway, I was trying to figure out if we could get more vents put in or if, you know, just what could be done. And essentially the best solution was to do mini splits, which in some areas of the country, some parts of the world, mini splits are very common. If you don’t know what it is, it’s basically like a window unit, but it can do heating or air conditioning and it doesn’t go in a window. It sits on a wall. And yeah, it’s kind of like a mini air conditioning heating unit, but you can see it all the time. So I was like, all right, we’ll get some mini splits. Great. So I just go on one of the big box stores websites, pick out some mini splits and have my contractor, who I usually use, do them. And he did kind of tell me he’s like, you know, I don’t really do HVAC type stuff. I don’t really do heating and cooling, you know, but I was like, oh, it’ll be fine. How hard can this be? Like, it kind of said on the website that it was like DIY. So I was like, it’ll be fine, you know? So that was like three thousand dollars to buy the units, have them installed and then a kind of a year went by because I wasn’t living in the house, so I just didn’t use them very often. And then when I did move in, I pretty quickly discovered that they didn’t work. They would turn on, they had electricity, but they didn’t blow hot or cold air. So I was like, OK, I need to get these repaired, I guess. And they’re less than a year old. So I call around and mini splits are just not very common where I live. So I literally had one contractor who was like, “I guess I’ll look at them. But this isn’t really the kind of thing I like to work on”. (laughs) I was like Ok, well, I’ll call you back if I’m desperate, but I get it. You’re kind of telling me you just don’t want to do it. So I finally use a place that they did a great job, but they are kind of more expensive. I was trying to avoid it and they were like – they tried a bunch of things to repair them, but they were unable to repair it. So I had to buy new mini splits and had them installed. And so the original ones t was like three thousand dollars. Like I said, the new ones are like eight thousand dollars. And I had them installed. And they were great, but those first three thousand dollar ones just couldn’t be repaired. And it was just like, OK, I shouldn’t have, I should have just went with the more expensive HVAC place in the first place. But I was just trying to save some money and I thought it would be fine. But I was wrong. (laughs) So my bad.

Elsie: Well it’s hard to know which things are worth the splurge like in the moment. Do you want to hear my biggest mistake ever?

Emma: Is this biggest, most expensive or biggest bought the wrong house?

Elsie: Ok, then. It’s my second biggest and I can’t really say how expensive it was. It’s it’s pretty expensive. And now let’s take a quick break and hear from our sponsors.

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Elsie: So one of my biggest mistakes ever is when we first moved to Nashville and it was our first big renovation. So I really didn’t have — I felt at the time that I had a lot of renovation experience because we had done some renovating of like our work houses and a tiny bit on my own house — but I really didn’t have the experience I thought I had at that time, just put it that way. So we were moving in and it’s like a lot of pressure because the house was like full of like there was like carpet in the bathrooms and it just had, like, a lot of like Grandma Grandpa features that I was excited to sort of like get rid of. So we ripped out all the carpet and then we kind of just started like gutting bathrooms and stuff. And this is my biggest mistake I ever made. I gutted all the bathrooms in the house and the kitchen all at once, but I didn’t fully know how much it would cost or have a plan of how I would put them back together. So I’m admitting something really, really dumb here. (laughs) But it was a great learning experience, like fast forward six years and I feel like I got to like a college education off of that house because I had to go through a lot to get it put back together. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. We were renovating for about two years. We lived like we were totally moved in to our main bedroom without a bathroom for I think close to a year. You know, it took a very long time, you know, because every little thing is an appointment. You know, it’s like a shower glass door appointment, you know. Yeah, there’s appointments for everything. And at the time, I didn’t really know that I would have contractors come in and I would be like, I want to redo this whole bathroom, like this picture from Pinterest. And they would be like, great, I’m never going to call you back. (laughs) Because I don’t feel like you’re going to be able to communicate with me.

Emma: “I can’t work with this.”

Elsie: I think that a positive from it is that I learned to create really unique rooms on a really small budget because I was just like, how cheap can I do this? Because I just want it to all be livable again. It got to that point. But obviously the downside is that it was way more stressful than it needed to be and it wasn’t as fun as it could have been if I would have done like two bathrooms and then the next year done two more. So that’s my regret. And that’s why I think when we moved into our current home where we live now, a lot of people don’t understand why it’s taking us so long to renovate it. And it’s because I have life experience now. And I’m not just going to rip out my kitchen when I don’t have a way to put it back together or a plan for that yet.

Emma: Yeah you’re like actually, this is a normal speed. What I did before was crazy speed.

Elsie: Right. I made a lot of mistakes. And with this house, it’s like we’re living with like our beige trim for two years, which I like. Maybe that’s too long. Technically, I could paint all the trim myself. Technically, you know, I could do it room by room, but I know that in a couple of years we’ll be done. And I kind of am at the point where I don’t care if we do the middle of the puzzle first or the outside of the puzzle first. I just care that we, like, enjoy our life the whole — the whole time we’re working on the puzzle, you know what I’m saying.

Emma: Yeah, so like you’re not like, without a toilet for two months with little kids and stuff.

Elsie: Absolutely not. I will enjoy my nineties Jacuzzi tub until the day it’s ripped out, so. Let’s not even worry about that.

Emma: Might as well, why not?

Elsie: Yeah. OK, so I’m so excited because we are going to have one of our call in questions now.

Caller: Howdy! What’s a way your interior style has stayed the same over the years.

Elsie: I love this question because I think it’s easy to see how we’ve changed over the years, but maybe it’s not as easy to see ways that we’ve stayed the same. So I wrote down a few of mine. So I’ve always loved historic homes and I’ve always loved mid-century homes. My very, very first home in Missouri ever was a historic home. And I think the first ones that were on the blog were all historic homes and then I lived in my mid-century home. And I’ve just kind of always had a connection to those two styles of homes. I’ve also always loved color, although the favorite color, will always be changing. I’ve definitely always loved yellow and green. So even in my very first homes, there was yellow and green. Another thing is a love for budget DIY like I will always love a deal. I will always love a thrifted find. I think at a time when you can, like, build your own. I think that that’s very special and I’m proud that we’re still doing it, even though, like, maybe technically we don’t have to do like I want to and I enjoy it and it’s fulfilling. Collin and I are doing like this DIY in my, like my office that’s by the front door, you know, and we’re doing like scalloped trim. It’s going to be so cute.

Emma: Yeah, that’s cool.

Elsie: Yes. And then the other thing is a love for Etsy and vintage accents all over the home. I’ve always had that. I’ve always loved it since the day I discovered Etsy. I think it’s the greatest website to shop. It’s amazing. And I’ll always buy stuff there, hopefully until I die. What about you, Emma? How have you stayed the same?

Emma: So one thing is I tend to really like kind of high contrast spaces or like walls or like art.

Elsie: You do! Emma loves like, the black and white.

Emma: Yeah, black and white or just kind of like I don’t know because I do like a calm room with neutrals, but somehow I always end up kind of gravitating more towards high contrast things and I’m still doing it in my house right now. Like I tend to be adding things that are a little bit more high contrast. So that, and then one thing that’s like this is kind of minor. Like I don’t think people would like to think of me in this way, but it’s just something that is true, I guess I don’t know — is I’ve always kind of liked the 70s, including wicker. Like I had this, like, big wicker chair in my first home years ago. And I still really like integrating, like, little pieces like that still. I’m not really very like boho anymore, and I don’t know if I ever was, but I just have always loved the seventies. Something about it just seems very like free spirit and like fun.

Elsie: Mmhmm, me too. I just started thinking about Firefly Lane! (laughs)

Emma: I haven’t seen that yet.

Elsie: Oh my God. Everyone who’s seen it is like uhhuh! The houses, it’s like so cliche seventies like the set design. It’s incredible. She has like a VW bus for her car. It’s incredible.

Emma: Nice.

Elsie: I can’t believe Jeremy watched that show with me. The whole thing. It was a banger. (laughs) OK, yeah. I love the seventies also but I don’t think I always did. I kind of come from like the Martha Stewart, like my my first love in home design was like Martha Stewart’s books in like the early 2000s.

Emma: If the question was how have you changed? I would say I think I’ve actually matured a lot in my style. Like I’m much more interested in like traditional or like I think kind of what you’re saying with the Martha Stewart, more like stuff like that, almost like a little bit preppy. I like that stuff a lot more. Also like historical, like different eras. I think I’m a lot more open to all of that than I was initially. So which I would consider growth. (laughs)

Elsie: For sure. Yeah. Yeah. I love a preppy room. Yeah. It comes from my love of hotels. OK, so it is Emma’s last week because she is starting her maternity leave officially. So next week we are taking a week off for Memorial Day and then the following week after that I’m going to start my summer episodes — Emma free episodes. And don’t send me hate mail about how you miss Emma. She will be back in August. I’m going to do my best all summer long, so I have a lot of fun I have planned and I just wanted to share a little preview. One of the first episodes is How to Spend a weekend in Nashville. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I was waiting until things were different with covid, because you know, encouraging tourism, whatever. But there’s so many amazing things in Nashville and I know a lot of people come here for a couple of days, definitely one of our frequent questions, so that’ll be a fun episode and then I have one about surviving a major renovation. So that one’s going to be with Laura from our team because she has been surviving a major renovation recently, like living without a kitchen for several months. We are going to have our mom on as a guest this summer, which is has been requested for a long time. And she’s excited to come on. We’re going to do an episode about creative childhoods and like secrets of how she raised us to be creative adults. So I’m excited about that. And then I have my: how to Nancy Meyers your home episode that I’ve been researching for for several months. I’ve almost made it through the entire Nancy Meyers collection. So that is going to be a fun episode. We’re going to have a fun summer and then, yeah, Emma will be back in August. So do you want to say anything for your goodbye Em?

Emma: Goodbye, I will miss you and I’ll be listening to the podcast like the rest of you.

Elsie: Oh, you will?

Emma: Oh yeah. What else am I gonna do while I pump my breast milk or whatever I’ll be doing, so. (laughs)

Elsie: Aw, well maybe your baby can come on the podcast in the fall and he can make a little noise. (laughs)

Emma: I’m sure at some point he will! A noisy appearance seems inevitable. Thanks so much for listening. We’re so thankful for your reviews. And every time that we see you sharing about our podcast on social media, it really, really does help us grow. So thank you. And if you have questions, you can email us. Just email us at Podcast@abeautifulmess.com or you can leave us a voicemail and we might put it on the podcast sometime. And the hotline for that is 417-893-0011.