Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It is almost Father’s Day and I wanted to share some ideas for gifts this year.  I have three Fathers to buy for and it is always so tricky to come up with ideas.  I try to think of super practical things and splurge items that men won’t typically buy for themselves.

Hopefully some of these ideas work for the special man in your life.

Burberry Touch Cologne– My husband doesn’t wear cologne but this is a simple gift that smells amazing and is super affordable.

Dads Playbook Wisdom for Fathers from the Greatest Coaches of All Time– This could be a fun idea for a sports fan.

Baseball Glove Wallet– There are a few different versions of these baseball glove wallets that are so cool.  My daughter plays softball and I think something like this could be a really neat gift for her to give her Dad. I was thinking of this as a gift for him with maybe her number instead of his initials…

Legend/Legacy Hat– Ok how fun is this?  This would be an amazing way to announce a pregnancy or something for Grandpa or Dad.  I am picking this set up to tuck away for Christmas for my nephew.  This will be so cute on display in his son’s room.

Igloo Lunch Cooler– Ok a new, snazzy cooler might be a great option for a Dad that packs snacks, his lunch for work or a Sports Dad that spends hours on the field.  We spend a lot of time at soccer and softball practices/tournaments and games and my husband always brings a cooler with snacks or beers.  You can fill this up with various snacks- energy drinks, jerky, seeds, beers etc… A nice tumbler- like this- would be a great addition to the bag.

Zero Gravity Chair – Ok this could be a fun idea for a Dad that enjoys watching the kids play outside or a Dad that could use some relaxation.  I saw a couple with these napping at a softball tournament recently and  thought it was genius.  I thought this might be an idea for Grandpa or here is an option with canopy

Golf Bag Storage Cabinet– If you have a golf fan in your life, they might already have a million golf accessories and such.  I was thinking this golf storage cabinet might be something super practical and an easy way to get their dang clubs off the garage floor. Win. win.

Vintage Record Player– I know this is somewhat predicable but if Dad or Grandpa is a music lover, this could be a perfect gift.  You might also grab a Record Holder to go with it.

Apple Air Tag– This would be a nice gift for a techie Dad or someone that loses keys, wallets, bags etc.. frequently.  The air tag links to find my iphone to immediately pinpoint where an item is.  I have a friend that mentioned getting one of these for his dog.  There are some great holders/cases to go with them and they are super reasonable to buy.

Yeti Rambler Mug– I have to admit I am a Hydro girl but when I read this Yeti is dishwasher safe, I am converted.

Classic Raybans– New shades might be a great idea for summer and you can’t go wrong with classic Raybans.  I have some similar to this and even thought they are a little pricey- they last forever.

PJ Joggers– I know things are opening up and we are getting off the loungewear train but fresh pjs or lounge pants will always be a lovely gift in my opinion.

Dad Bracelet– or custom leather bracelets here.  These are fun accessories for Dads. I see a lot of younger guys wearing beaded bracelets or the leather option with birth dates, names or a sweet quote would be a great idea as well. I just ordered a leather bracelet for my daughter for 8th grade graduation and I can’t wait for it to come (this one.)

Hopefully this provides a little inspiration for your family this year.

You can see prior Father’s Day gift guides by clicking here with more ideas.  And here is a super simple recipe for peanut brittle I make for my Father in Law every year.

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