Friday and Saturday Garage Saling Adventures

Kalissa and I started out Friday hoping to hit up a few garage sales.  She needed to stop at the bank and get cash.  Amanda at the bank is so sweet and makes treats on Fridays.  We snagged some great bars!

From there we headed to Calmar.  I had seen an ad in the paper for an estate sale.  It sounded good.  It said things were reasonably priced and offers would be accepted.  In theory that sounded awesome but…it wasn’t.

It was ridiculous.  I actually feel really sorry for the people.  They looked each item up on eBay.  They wrote the eBay price on a yellow tag.  Then they wrote what the “offer they would accept”.  It was like a few dollars less than eBay.

For example, they had a set of these vintage primary pyrex refrigerator sets…

On a note next to it is said,
“Listed on eBay at $19.99.  Will accept an offer of $17.”

WHAT??  Around here that is crazy.  Kalissa and I went into the kitchen first.  We looked at the table and the counter and we both smiled.  I asked her if she was ready.  She said yes and we walked out.   We didn’t even look.  On our way out we saw they were trying to sell the microwave…mind you a used microwave for $125.  WHAT??  You can buy a microwave at Walmart for far less.

I feel so sorry for the family.  They didn’t know what they are doing…didn’t know about garage sales or the market.  They went through all of that work and I’m certain, barely sold anything.

We had TERRIBLE luck garage saling.  Everything was expensive.  If I’m going to pay $5 for a kids’ shirt at a garage sale, I’ll happily pay $5 more and just buy the shirt at the store.  Maybe the days of $1 shirts at a garage sale are gone.  I sure hope not.

Kalissa and I went back home.  Here is her haul….


I think I spent $4.50.  I bought two Hen and Chicks plants at $1 each.  I bought this table runner for $2 and another for $1.50.  That’s it.  What a waste of time.  At least Kalissa and I had fun.

When we got home she helped me load up two treadle sewing machines.  Kramer had them here and had thought to make something with the bottoms.  He’s not here.  I need the space.

I ended up checking out both of the machines.  Both I am sure could be persuaded to work.  The on the left is in good shape.  It’s a Singer red-eye machine.  The one on the right is a Standard.  The cabinet needs repair.

I contacted a lady south of where I live.  I asked her if she might want them.  I gifted them to her.

If any of you who are reading this went to the quilt retreats Kelli and I put together, you might remember Kelli and I bought rolls for breakfast from a local Amish woman.  Her name is Martha.  She’s the one I gifted the machines to.  I wrote her a note a week ago asking if she wanted them and told her I would deliver them.  She called me and told me she’d love it.  She was very happy about getting the machines.  I’m happy I was able to gift them to her.

She is not baking regularly anymore but does take orders.  I ordered some amazing Bacon Egg and Cheese bread.  Our whole family loves it.

I ended up spending the day shopping at the Amish community.  It was so fun as the weather was pretty good and the Amish children were out playing.  It is so sweet.

Out of respect for the families, I don’t take pictures when I am there.  I know you’d all love to see them, but many Amish, not all, do not approve of cameras and I want to respect that.

Being Martha closed her bakery, I was on the hunt for a new one and found one.  I had a peach roll.

They also had some pepperoni bread.  YUM!!  I tore off a piece in the car and ate it.  The bread was still warm.  I ate way more carbs than I should but it was worth it.

I went to Sumner on the way home.  I had bought something (I’ll tell you about it in another post) and had to pick it up.  As I was driving into town I saw a garage sale sign.  I decided to stop on my way back out of town.

It turns out, it was an estate sale.  You remember my last estate sale…I was apprehensive.  Nothing was marked.  Darn.  It’s the worst.  So how much are the people going to want?  AHH!!  I looked around and saw this.  I think it’s a 404.  I told myself to keep walking.

I ended up listening to another lady check out.  She had a bag of stuff and it was $10.  So…I thought I would put together a bag of stuff with the hope that it might be only $10.

What do you think…ten dollars worth?  It all fits in one reusable grocery bag.  I was right on.  It was $10 for it all.  Now, this is my kind of estate sale.

I love cute old coloring books.  I have a collection.  I added this one to it.

I got the bowl.  Many stitchers use these to hold their scissor collection.  Sadly, no scissor collection for me but I do have the bowl should I ever start collecting.

Things at the sale were dirty…but I’d rather have dirt and a decent price.

Check out my little tin pincushion and iron rest.  They will just be decor pieces in my sewing room.

I cleaned the tin…MUCH better.  The little girl on the tin was cut out and decoupaged onto the tin.

The quart jar of buttons was $1.  That was cheap.  There doesn’t seem to be any cool old buttons in the jar but that’s okay.

Does anyone know what this ball is?  It looks like a fancy Christmas ornament.  I found it with the Christmas stuff.  It’s made of heavy-weight metal.  Check out the metal hook.

It opens like this.

I don’t know if it has any real purpose.  I just liked it.

It’s hanging in my living room for now.  I might put some potpourri in it.

These were metal “tacks”.

They were made to put on window screens.  The tack was put on the screen or storm windows so you knew which screen went where.  I have no idea why I bought these.  Sometimes I just love curious things.

I love old Valentines. I had to get these.

This one was so cute!!

I grabbed this wooden bowl.  The finish was gone…but there was something about the bowl that called to me.  Maybe I’d use it like a dough bowl.

See the bad finish??

I took it out to the garage and decided to work some magic on it.

Here is the before picture…

Here is the after picture…

If you’ve read the blog you know I love Restor-a-Finish.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.

I am TOTALLY in love with this bowl now.  I just knew it had potential.

I’m still not sure where I am going to put it but I do know I’m super happy with it and will definitely work to find a place for it here in the house.

Now that was my kind of estate sale!!

I had such a fun day out and about…still a little sad that I can’t be gardening but…that will happen soon enough.

So…that was my adventures for Friday and Saturday.  Stay tuned to see what Sunday brings.