How to load a heavy cabinet on trailer alone

Hey guys,

While "just browsing" I "accidentally" won an auction for a pretty nice Lyon cabinet (bid was $180).

It's not looking likely that I'll be able to trick any of my buddies into going with me to pick it up, as it's about a 2hr drive each way.

The cabinet is currently standing vertically on a pallet, and there's a chance the auction house will move it out near my trailer, but I also want it laying down for the ride home. Cabinet weighs approximately 500lbs.

The trailer is a triton 8x8 snowmobile trailer, which tilts down, but the only ramps I have are aluminum ATV ramps with widely spaced rungs.

I do have a cherry picker that I could bring with me, and a lift sling. Any ideas how to safely lay it down onto my trailer without damaging me or the cabinet?

Trailer looks like this -