How to Make a Tiny Closet Work To Your Advantage

How to Make a Tiny Closet Work To Your Advantage

Tiny Closet Hacks and Tips!

small walk-in closet built-in Phoenix, AZ in WhiteHave you been dealing with closet storage nightmares for way too long? If you are one of the many Phoenix, AZ homeowners with tiny closets, or if you have a lack of closets, this could be causing you daily stress.

Solving your closet dilemma can greatly improve the quality of life for you and your entire household. These tips and tools will make getting started much easier, with options to achieve your ideal organized closet. Invest in closet storage solutions to save space and reduce headaches.

Closet Gadgets and Strategies that Save Space

Use these closet organizing tools to make tiny wardrobes a daily pleasure rather than a pain.

  • Valet rod: A pullout extension of a closet rod to use for organizing todays outfit. You can also add multi-level rods to make the most of your small closet space.
  • Divide and conquer: Our closet design consultants suggest using dividers on closet rods and shelves to separate and identify categories of clothing. You can label by seasons, occasion (work, weekend, formal), or item category (tops, tanks, t-shirts), etc.
  • Pop-up ironing board: This is an ironing board module in a drawer that pops up for use when pulled out. Another option flips down from a small cabinet for any last-minute ironing needs.

pant hanging rack for closet systems Phoenix AZ

  • Special pant rack: Reduces wrinkles caused by folding without eating up a lot of closet space. Uniquely-designed hangers offer easy access.
  • Under-shelf baskets: Use any extra space between shelves for drawer baskets. They are perfect for storing undergarments, socks, and smaller items.
  • More rails: Additional tiers of hanging rods will help fill unused space. This is perfect for shorter items like button-ups, blouses, and trousers.
  • Go high tech: Try a smart closet organizing app that catalogs all the items you own so you can easily sort through them. Apps can also suggest new outfits for upcoming occasions. Both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store have many options.
  • Outgoingbin or drawer:A closet outbox helps you avoid accumulating too many clothes to achieve a Zen-like state in your closet. Simply donate when full.
  • Get expert help: If a closet redesign seems too daunting, let an establishedhome storage design company, like Closet & Storage Concepts in Phoenix, create your new user-friendly closet. Then, send them to your hobby room, home office, or garage, to create more purpose-built storage solutions to organize your entire home.

Overcoming Closet Organization Procrastination

A closet design expert can help you achieve a cost-effective solution to make routines go smoothly for you and your family. Youll be surprised how tackling a closet organization project can transform your frenzied life into a calm and organized efficiency that youll be proud of! Contact Closet & Storage Concepts of Phoenix, AZ to get started on your project. We offer free in-home design estimates.

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