Interior projects, renovation and remodels are a way to change the look and ambiance of a space, to repair and reorganize a certain area and to also make changes designed to make a room better suited for a particular lifestyle

Interior projects, renovation and remodels are a way to change the look and ambiance of a space, to repair and reorganize a certain area and to also make changes designed to make a room better suited for a particular lifestyle

Remodels also add value to a house and there are a lot of different projects that you can take on yourself. The strategies and the type of projects differ in the case of each type of space. Today we’re talking a room by room approach, suggesting a few ideas that you too might find useful.
General DIY decor ideas

Some of the ideas don’t really apply to any particular type of space. For example, you can craft decorative items that you can display on walls and shelves, small planters, vases, custom lampshades and artwork which would make any room look beautiful. There are a lot of DIY room decor projects that don’t cost a lot to do and have a big impact on the overall look and feel of a space.
Bathroom-related projects

In the case of the bathroom, there’s no much space to work with but you can still make a few practical and useful changes to the existing design. For example, you can raise the shower head and/or install new fixtures in order to customize the shower and the tub and to make using them easier and more comfortable. This sort of customization can be done without professional assistance but does require some basic understanding of how everything works.

Even something as simple as this brass toilet paper holder can be a welcome and beautiful addition to the bathroom, one that makes this space more welcoming. As you can see, this is actually part of a custom-made organizer that also has storage slots for extra toilet paper rolls, the brush and a shelf on top which can hold some magazines or a cute potted plant. That too could be something you might consider crafting for your own bathroom.
Kitchen crafts

One of the biggest and most useful improvements you can make to a kitchen is to replace or to repair the countertops. A particularly nice option is to give an old countertop a makeover by applying a layer of concrete on top. This way you cover any dents and scratches and you also completely change the appearance of the old counter. You can do everything yourself and you can also apply a similar strategy if you want to redo your bathroom. Concrete countertops are quite stylish and go well with modern and contemporary interiors.

Smaller projects can also have a positive impact on your kitchen. For example, you can make an under cabinet paper towel holder in order to free up more space on the counter. You can make this out of copper pipes and fittings and you can install it to the underside of a wall-mounted cabinet anywhere you see fit. It’s easy to make and also easy to customize. You can even spray paint the parts if you don’t like the raw look of the pipes or if you want to match the paper towel holder to your kitchen decor.
Bedroom ideas

One of the elements that efficiently change the look and feel of a bedroom is the headboard. With that in mind, a new headboard could refresh your bedroom and make it more inviting and more comfortable overall. You can build a headboard yourself from scratch and there are lots of different ways to do it. This one is quite simple and straightforward. The frame is made of wood, covered in foam and then fabric. This means you can customize your headboard with all sorts of different colors, textures and patterns.
Hallway remodels

This project refers to hallways with staircases and in particular those with a more traditional or rustic design. The idea is to install carpet on the stairs in order to create a more inviting decor. This is also a great way to make the stairs safer by preventing them from being slippery at any time. Furthermore, you can use this as an opportunity to add some color and pattern to the hallway. Of course, you can also do something similar for any regular hallway without stairs.
Dining room accents

In spaces such as the dining room it’s often the little things and the details that stand out the most. As such, there are a lot of different small crafts and DIY projects that you can do. For example, you could make polka dot napkins using fabric and paint. It’s a fun and easy project and lots of ways to make it special. Mix and match any colors you prefer and consider trying some other designs as well.
Outdoor projects

If you feel like the outdoor areas around your house could look a bit better or be more inviting, it might be time to do some work out there. Some projects like building a pergola can seem difficult and impossible to take on without the help of a professional or a team. Once you take a closer look at it actually starts to become manageable and there are plenty of tutorials that show you exactly how to build a pergola. It’s not as complicated as it may seem.
Garden landscaping

Other outdoor structures that you can build include a grape arbor which is something that you can add to a garden or a backyard. To build a grape arbor you need a bunch of wood and some concrete mix. You can do all the cuts yourself if you have the necessary equipment, otherwise you can go to your local store. In some ways, this is quite similar to building a pergola. You can adjust the size, shape and design of your grape arbor based on the space available and your own needs.
Garage improvements

If you too are using the garage as a storage space then you might as well organize it accordingly. Crafting some storage shelves out of scrap wood or any other leftover materials could be a really good idea. You can make shelves for storing shoes, camping equipments, sports gear and other items that you don’t want to keep inside the house or that are usually needed outside.
Pantry shelves

Every once in a while you might come up with new ideas for how to increase the storage efficiency of your pantry or make it more organized. One of the ideas that we’d like to share today is to craft a spice shelf which would be sort of an addition or an accessory designed to let you make the most of a cabinet modules or a space inside the pantry. Basically the idea is to use the space vertically by adding a small shelf for various containers and other things. It’s not difficult to build or to install.
Wall decor ideas

This is a category that applies to all types of spaces. Adding wall decorations, artwork and other similar things to a room can give it a more complete and balanced look. Also, it’s a cool way to customize it and turn it into a real home. You can make some wall art yourself from scratch and you don’t need any special talent for it. Abstract artwork is the way to go so get some paint, canvases and paintbrushes and have fun creating something unique.

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