Things are moving right along in the kid's bathroom makeover, and I need to catch you up on the progress!  I have to remind myself to take a break from the work and projects and actually blog about what's happening, I feel like we have a hundred irons in the fire right now and I'm jumping back and forth between thing to thing.  I always feel strange about saying something like that, because really... who doesn't have a hundred things going at once?  Especially you Moms, right?  At any rate, here's how things are coming along!  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

(If you're just joining in, go back here to see the before photos and design plan, then this post will show you the progress this far.)

The tile in the shower started going up.  So excited about the shampoo niche, we've been lining the edge of the tub with bath products for far too long!

Here it is grouted but still needing some spots and the edges caulked.

A closer look at the finished (except for caulk) niche.  I opted to use a satin brass metal edge trim rather than tile edging.  I like the clean, more modern look with a slimmer profile than bullnose tile.

Here it is along the edges as well.  This will likely be covered by the shower curtain but I like the little bit of shine!

Last week I shared my floor tile choice, this vintage inspired black and white hexagon pattern.  I could hardly wait for the installer to get it in and I could not be happier with it! (I have a great installer to recommend if you're in OKC.)

We kept the original tub, I saw no reason to replace it!  It just needed a good cleaning job.  The tub floor has those non-skid pads that I could never really get clean, so I turned to my friends on Instagram stories and asked what worked well to clean that spot.  A huge majority suggested liquid Bar Keeper's Friend and a non-scratching scouring pad.  And I had a "Duh!!!" moment...  I've proclaimed on this blog many times how much I love BKF for polishing brass and metals, but I hadn't thought to try it on the tub.  You can see the before and after here, it worked like a charm.  Tip:  I did find it easier to apply the BKF and rub it over the surface, then let it sit for a little while before coming back and scrubbing the trouble spots.  I let the cleaner do most of the work!

Last week I showed you the doors and drawers that I was spraying outside.  Since the bathroom was torn up, I decided to spray the base cabinet as well.  I started before the tile was installed but needed to finish it up afterwards, so I had to be extra careful to cover everything well.

I also started painting the linen cabinet in the toilet/shower half of the bathroom.  I've noticed while painting this cabinet and and trim how creamy yellow our previously "white" cabinets and trim really were!

The gorgeous cabinet hardware from my sponsor D. Lawless Hardware arrived.  The minute I decided on the blue vanity I knew I had to do brass hardware! I'm putting new brass cabinet hinges on all of the cabinets (they old ones had turned really dark with age) and found the perfect cabinet knobs and drawer pulls to keep things simple yet interesting.  It's hard to tell here, but the knobs are a sphere/ball shape and are surprisingly heavy and substantial for their $2 price tag, and the pulls have just enough added detail to make them a little different than the standard bar pulls that are so popular right now.

I picked up these towel rings years ago at a thrift store or garage sale and have been holding on to them specifically for when we redid this bathroom.  Can't you just see them in a glossy bright color?  I'm not sharing the "after" just yet but I've already painted them and they look gooooood....  ;)

Pink Rug
OK, that's it for this week's update!  I'm actually in the thick of trying to get this room finished as we are very very close to starting on the Master Bath (they'll probably overlap some!). So...  I have baseboards to paint and install, a shower curtain to sew, paint that needs applying, light fixtures to change, and accessories and art to find and install!  It's still in the distance but I'm beginning to see the finish line... waaaaay  in the distance but closer than it was when we started!

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