Luxury Chinese-style Villa Interiors & Serene Courtyards

A sense of serenity washes over us as we tiptoe through this set of luxurious Chinese-style villa interiors, each open and spacious and decorated in calming laconic palettes and delicate detail. Visualised by ZHBB Vision, these spaces reminisce about the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, the picturesque lands that lie south of the Yangtze River’s lower reaches. These peaceful riverside memories inspire water-filled courtyards, where reflection pools surround majestic trees, and colourful koi fish swim. Light-filled living rooms and expansive dining rooms provide uplifting places in which large groups of friends and extended family can gather and socialise into the evening. Traditional tea rooms respect long-standing ceremony.

A large area rug lays down a dark foundation for a spacious lounge layout inside of this airy, luxury living room design.

The light-filled living room features an entire wall of glass that looks out into a peaceful courtyard design and on into a separate wing of the villa that holds the parking garage.

To the right of the open plan living room, a large and impressive spiral staircase design twists in contrasting black and white finishes.

Coffee table books and candlesticks adorn two wooden coffee tables and a marble counterpart in the centre of the lounge layout.

Light cream sofas and counterbalancing black black accent chairs make a visually interesting combination.

Recessed track lights cross the ceiling to distribute even illumination throughout the large living space.

A skylight feeds a majestic tree with natural daylight. Rocks complete the sculptural courtyard arrangement.

Black fluted walls panels run up alongside a modern fireplace to camouflage its purpose when not in use,

A wall of wood grain panels creates a visually warming decor feature, which is atmospherically lit around its edges by recessed ribbons of LED light.

The illuminated wall feature negates the need for wall lamps and provides a more even diffusion of brightness.

Wood effect wall panelling wraps other aspects of the room too, creating continuation and cohesion

Alcoves are brightly lit to chase away the shadows.

A traditional prayer table is set up in the corner of the living space, where a Ganesha statue sits among religious texts.

A Buddha statue makes a meditative adornment to one of the coffee tables.

The courtyard design that lies outside of the living room window is a water-filled space that can be passed via modern, linear stepping stones. A pebble bed makes a solid home for a small yet elegant tree, where it can be drenched in sunshine.

Under the shady overhang of a second floor balcony, an outdoor seating area has been created upon a wide wooden deck. Outdoor chairs gather around a luxe marble coffee table to fashion a conversational arrangement.

As the sun moves around, the deck becomes a warmed area in which to take outdoor tea.

A modern chaise lounge reclines under the shade of the upper balcony.

The courtyard supplies a beautiful view and an influx of natural light to the rooms of the home that surround it. It also creates an outdoor connection that encourages the home owners into the fresh air whilst traversing their living spaces.

Under the rippling surface of the reflection pool, colourful koi fish swim and thrive.

The pool holds up a mirror to the surrounding architecture.

A rockface wall supplies a rugged, textured feature behind the small tree.

A Manjushri statue looks contemplative at the water’s edge.

The parking garage is a well-decorated space, clad with wood slatted wall panelling and floored with smooth, polished concrete screed.

Returning back to the living room, we take a closer look at the spiral staircase design that rises up from a high-gloss black platform. A white marble wall rises behind it to instill contrasting pattern.

A spherical sculpture balances on the polished black base of the staircase, with a magical ring of illumination making a bright halo around it.

The orb sculpture interacts with the curve of the winding staircase to complete a breathtaking visual.

Softly glowing LED strip lights highlight each tread of the spiral staircase, providing safe passage from top to bottom.

Solid balustrades are clad in rich wood veneer to create a striking finish.

The curved motif continues inside of the kitchen diner, where a recessed lighting feature displays a circular outline above a round dining table. A matching wall light expands the rounded aesthetic.

A lightweight dining room pendant light hangs low to the round wooden dining table, which features a luxe white marble inlay.

Cream upholstered dining chairs accommodate up to sixteen people at the dinner table.

Just outside of the dining room window, a second water-filled courtyard provides relaxing sights and sounds with a mini waterfall feature. Koi fish swim beneath the concentric ripples that radiate toward a pathway of stepping stones.

Behind the formal dining area, much of the kitchen has a concealed presence. Kitchen storage and integrated appliances are locked behind slab-fronted, handle-free cabinet doors. Only the kitchen island is obvious to the eye, which houses the kitchen sink and the hob.

The kitchen island is merged with a casual breakfast table at one end, which seats six.

A simple centrepiece adds a brief flash of greenery to the white table.

The kitchen extractor unit rises directly out of the island, allowing it to be completely retracted from view when not in use.

Indoor plants and statues make attractive vignettes at each side of the room.

Abstract artwork hangs moments of intrigue along the corridors of the home.

Other art is inset into the wall stucco itself.

A bright tea room is set up at one end of the large open plan living space, separated from the main lounge by the dominant staircase design, and partially by an obscured glass partition.

The slimline table design has a light presence in the space, whilst a stone tiled feature wall is more commanding. A red chair adds a pop of bold colour.

This modernly decorated room leads into a more traditional setting.

A decorative screen marks a visual stop between the two areas.

A courtyard brings sunlight flooding through.

The decor is a grounding palette of rich browns and dark wood tone. A paper globe pendant light places a bright white core at the centre of the scheme.

A focal wooden sideboard displays beautiful craftsmanship.

Lightweight screens are used throughout to subtly mark transitions of space, whilst allowing the eye to wander through and permitting natural light to be shared.

In this traditional tea room design, a low, rustic bench is paired with simple floor cushions. A scenic mural paints a set of wall panels behind.

Recessed perimeter lights give the room a gentle and special essence.

A paper floor lamp draws attention to the attractive wall treatment.

Bowls, rustic wooden trays and a ceramic vase provide the traditional tea table with decorative elements.

A botanical display of flaming red recalls the red flowers and beautiful sunrise of Jiangnan in springtime.

The rustic and natural elements give the space an earthy, outdoor feel.

With the mural screens rotated, the tearoom joins with the neighbouring room.

A Tetsubin teapot is suspended from the ceiling.

The decorative screens are light translucent, which gives them a wonderfully light essence in the space, whether rotated to be open or fully closed.

Plumes of white pampas grass make a mesmerising display under a focussed lighting installation.

The pale grass reflects in an inky black floor.

Black walls and a black ceiling seal out any external light sources.

Inside the main bedroom, a unique headboard design divides the bed from a dressing area behind it.

The bed is situated to focus upon the window view, which is filtered through sheer white voiles.

A sculptural bedroom chair glints in the sunlight with a lustrous golden finish.

A traditional Chinese scene plays out across the back of the bespoke headboard design.

In this double bedroom design, a jade-green bedspread colours a traditionally decorated space.

A floral feature wall adds an elegant flourish behind the headboard.

Opposite the bed, a wall of glass units display a designer handbag collection.

Black bedside tables accommodate chic bedside table lamps for nighttime reading.

A modern bedroom chair and a contemporary wireframe unit round out the furniture configuration.

A unique glass vase displays a minimalist botanical arrangement.

This modern home office doubles as a cinema room.

Glass stairs connect two furnished balcony areas.

An outdoor dining room and sitting area furnish the rooftop.

Rustic benches give the space character.

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