Mid-Century Metal Cabinet Revival & General Storage Update

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I’ve spent a decent amount of time here asking questions about garage storage. The funny thing to me is now that I have moved most of my top cabinets in and I have an array of bottom cabinets from a kitchen that was given to me, I’m leaning heavily towards giving my old metal kitchen cabinets a new lease on life. This thing came from my grandfathers workshop and he had probably had it since the 50s. The metal base is a little worse for the wear now but the drawers and doors still work.

The back is open but being metal it should not be difficult to close in the back so that it is mostly closed cabinet (previous incarnations sometimes attracted unwanted visitors).

I’m not sure I will insulted by putting the nice piece of modern Formica countertop I have the on top of it and I definitely will not be using the granite that I got with the kitchen.

The base is basically sheet-metal formed in the traditional shape of a base and it has suffered a bit from moving now a few times (but it has held hundreds of pounds without problems. My thought at the moment is that I will weld on a back in a bit of structure to hold the back of the countertop and create a new base possibly with casters. Most everything I have in the garage is on wheels, but something like this would be fine to slide as needed (just not with the currently impaired base).

Oh and for anyone who has been keeping up with my storage questions, here is how some of the cabinets have worked out so far...

Clearly the ground game a still a cluster and the small parts storage area in the first photo is vast and non-homogeneous.

Next is some loft-like storage for heavy parts bins courtesy of a local retail chain biting the dust

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