Modern Outdoor Living For A Stylish Stay At Home Life

I’m loving the linear, smooth modern look of these outdoor furnishings that I’m sharing here today.

Spring is here, summer is around the corner, and well, it doesn’t look like we’re leaving the house anytime soon. :-/

The one area you could update easily now, without having people trekking in your home to install furniture or remodel anything, is your outdoor space.

I have links so you can shop yourself, online, just in case you have some money set aside for some new outdoor goodies.

(I know :-)….but we can dream. Can’t we?)

I’ve put these pieces together to create a simple, modern, clean-lined look for your backyard.

My blog contains affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, render me a small percentage, are most appreciated and make this blog possible. :-)

Cordless LED Floor Lamp from Seasonal Living
Modern Outdoor Dining
This floor lamp is cordless and LED! You can place it anywhere outdoors and not worry about having to have an electrical connection.

So go ahead….illuminate that dark patio for some evening family time outside without having cords everywhere!

Simple, Modern, Outdoor Dining Oasis
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Modern Outdoor Living
Now that we’re working all over the house these days, maybe taking the laptop outside isn’t such a bad idea.

I don’t know about you but I could work from home in this lounge area.

Those baskets are made to go outside, the storage cabinet too. It is vented in the back so things won’t get musty in there. We always have odd things sitting around outside that I would love to just tuck away in a cabinet nearby.

The terrazzo coffee table is really cool. It was on sale last I checked.

Modern Outdoor Living in neutral charcoal and off-white
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 Seasonal Living Magazine
Many of these pieces above are from Seasonal Living, a quality outdoor furnishings brand. I’ve seen their products in person at market and love their quality and style.

They put out a really beautiful, free, online magazine that shares all kinds of seasonal living ideas, from entertaining to food. Check it out. (Even though you might not be entertaining anytime soon. :-)

Seasonal Living Magazine - Click the image to see inside….

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