People In This Group Are Sharing Home Design Fails That Make You Feel Better About Your Own Home (93 Pics)

People In This Group Are Sharing Home Design Fails That Make You Feel Better About Your Own Home (93 Pics)

Decorating your home can be a fun experience. You can enhance its strengths, hide its flaws, and make it a reflection of yourself. Or you can put the toilet in the kitchen, transform the pool into a flower pot and call it a day. It's your choice. Just don't be surprised if photos of your chateau end up on the internet and people laugh their heads off.

The subreddit "Housing Manure" (sorry for butchering the name but I have to paraphrase) is a place where Redditors have been gathering to do just that. Sharing the worst design, construction, and living conditions, they've successfully proven time and time again that, for better or worse, human creativity knows no limits.

#1 This Monstrosity

Image credits: briezzzy

#2 My Eyes Hurt

Image credits: hardlowcore

#3 Hmmm

Image credits: Fck_your_dolphin_Pam

#4 Effective Multitasking Space

Image credits: SkyeAuroline

#5 Boots On The Ground

Image credits: flytraphippie

#6 Step Out Of A Bathtub Down A Flight Of Stairs, Anyone?

Image credits:

#7 This Carpeted Bathroom

Image credits: BlueRhinos

#8 “Congrats To The Neighbor Below For The New Chandelier”

Image credits: joopas_

#9 Don’t Mind The Curb

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#10 This Is Abysmal

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#11 2nd Floor Jacuzzi Anyone?

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#12 What Ever The Hell This Is

Image credits: _RetroBear

#13 At Least The Sinks Are Okay

Image credits: Aaod

#14 Comes With An Atrium

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#15 Landlord Hung The Microwave, This Is As Far As It Opens Before Hitting The Wall

Image credits: peugeotdriver

#16 My Friend's Under-The-Stairs "Bathroom" Where The Toilet Is Diagonal And Partially Installed Into The Carpeted Wall

Image credits: particlegun

#17 Wait, You Wanted The Water Taps *inside* The Shower?

Image credits: hwhouston517

#18 We Were Looking At Houses In Baltimore This Weekend And Came Across This Gem. There Is No Mirror In The Middle, It's A Completely Symmetrical Bathroom That 2 People Can Use The Toilet In At The Same Time

Image credits: msheets75

#19 Pleather Cabinets

Image credits: yolojolo

#20 Go Shit In A Cabinet

Image credits: purpleplatapi

#21 This Is A Terrible Idea

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#22 Architecture And Design In Slovakia

Image credits: mirakdva

#23 Saving Space

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#24 Martini Bathtub In A Living Room

Image credits: fussandfeathers

#25 Took Care Of The Bathroom Door!

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#26 Lamp

Image credits: flytraphippie

#27 At Least Water Will Run Away

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#28 It’s Either A Very Unusable Shower Or An Uncommon Urinal.

Image credits: hardlowcore

#29 Think This Belongs Here

Image credits: xMPIx

#30 This Apartment Design

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#31 One Closet. 6 Feet Above The Ground And No Stairs To Get To It. Why

Image credits: RussiannTaco

#32 How Do You Fuck Up Designing A Garage? Like This, Apparently.

Image credits: SkyeAuroline

#33 Does This Count?

Image credits: Zombait

#34 Who Needs A Separate Bathroom Anyways

Image credits: tommy116165

#35 Interesting Staircase Solution For Narrow Houses

Image credits: NefastusVII

#36 Pay £1001 To Watch Your Partner Take A S**t From The Luxury Of Your Bed

Image credits: Satsugai-Seyo

#37 Textured Ceilings

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#38 Tiled Ceiling

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#39 Horrible Fridge Placement

Image credits: VeryGreedy

#40 No Words For This Abomination

Image credits: sithadmin

#41 As You Defecate, You Can Watch Over Your Domain

Image credits: hardlowcore

#42 I Hope This Isn’t Real

Image credits: Jazzygorillia

#43 The Bathtub Is Done, Boss

Image credits: xXzsofikaXx

#44 "Everyone Watches You Shit" Housing

Image credits: klymers

#45 A Frequent Occurrence In Sydney’s Cbd

Image credits: FallopiumDen

#46 So Many Questions.

Image credits: oioliv

#47 Catch Basin Might Be A Little Small

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#48 Open Concept Bathroom

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#49 Yup, The Fridge Fit Boss.

Image credits: waconcept

#50 His And Hers Reading Lights

Image credits: flytraphippie

#51 Yes It Is It's Shitty And Involves Houses

Image credits: yolojolo

#52 Imagine Being Drunk And Needing To Pee

Image credits: OSUJillyBean

#53 It's All Pink On The Inside...

Image credits: flytraphippie

#54 There’s Plenty Of Room To Cook.

Image credits: DuckfordMr

#55 I Was Looking At Places In London And Saw This. The Front Door Is A Window?!

Image credits: geusebio

#56 Almost $1200 A Month To Shit Where You Eat

Image credits: formergamer

#57 Load Bearing Glass

Image credits: SkyeAuroline

#58 Wobble And You Do Fall Down

Image credits: meh817

#59 Imagine Running Out Of Toilet Paper

Image credits: -FaZe-

#60 Nice Tree

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#61 I See Your 3 Awkward Sinks And Raise You: Kitchen On A Budget

Image credits: stvnt

#62 Don't Miss The Chance To Cook Some Delicious Meal While Taking A Bath

Image credits: SalazarRED

#63 Saw This Today On A Local Yard Sale Group. I Don't Know Who Designed That Corner Spot But Lord.

Image credits: andimattone

#64 You Want A Kitchen And A Bathroom?! Have A Shower And A Microwave/Heater You Plebian

Image credits: Satsugai-Seyo

#65 Room For The Boys When Nature Calls

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#66 I Almost Fell Down And Rolled My Ankle On This

Image credits: emissaryofwinds

#67 Tile Backsplash

Image credits: flytraphippie

#68 Well Executed Dining Room

Image credits: weirdoffmain

#69 You’ll Want To Keep This Toilet Clean

Image credits: I_Am_None_Ya

#70 A Million Dollar San Francisco Apartment With A Lovely Diagonal Support Beam In The Middle Of The Kitchen

Image credits: JKastnerPhoto

#71 I've Always Wanted A Sunken Living Room

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#72 €1000 A Month For This Definitely-Haunted Bedsit In Ireland

Image credits: Satsugai-Seyo

#73 Covered Parking

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#74 Professional Carpet Job

Image credits: frank_-_horrigan

#75 "Apartment Includes Air Conditioner"

Image credits: _RetroBear

#76 The Carpet Is Going To Get So Moldy

Image credits: purpleplatapi

#77 Windowless Corridor Turned Into A “Cosy” (And Rather Pricey) Appartment.

Image credits: Agaraa

#78 My Parents Bathroom Is On A Platform Next To An Angled Ceiling So You Hit Your Head Every Time... And It Has A Telephone

Image credits: catyfun19

#79 Ultimate NYC Space-Saver

Image credits: bobtrees12

#80 My Clumsy Ass Would Break My Ankle So Often!!

Image credits: OSUJillyBean

#81 Excellent Bathtub Placement.

Image credits: DuckfordMr

#82 Bb.moveobjectson When You Run Out Of Places For A Door In A Room.

Image credits:

#83 Shitty Town Design

Image credits: sleeless

#84 Bump On The Floor In The Middle Of The Unit.

Image credits: bakitmainitpre

#85 At Least There’s Flowers

Image credits: The_Co-Reader

#86 A View From The Top Of The Stairs

Image credits: mighty_mo

#87 Compact Kitchen

Image credits: orglend

#88 That’s Just Plain Evil At This Point

Image credits: andflowers

#89 My House Has Many Of These Architect Flaws (I Live In Brazil), One Of Them Is The Flaw In The Ceiling Of The Living Room's Stairs That Makes My Mom's Bathroom Have Stairs

Image credits: HotPieScreamedHotPie

#90 Take A Cool Shower With A/C Condensate From The Apartment Above

Image credits: jam905

#91 I’ll Just Leave It There. An Apartment That’s Mostly A Corridor, Lacking Any Windows. Oh, And It’s Quite Expensive Actually.

Image credits: hardlowcore

#92 Poland, 340zł Per Month. "Only For Sleeping, With Access To Comfy Common Living Room Next Door!”

Image credits: Towynmutt

#93 The Scent Sticks Restore Class And Elegance ...

Image credits: jam905

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