Quality furniture is expensive, and it can seem impossible to get well-made furniture at a discount

Quality furniture is expensive, and it can seem impossible to get well-made furniture at a discount

Whether you just bought your first house or you’re a student moving into your first apartment, you might not want to spend a fortune furnishing the new place. Luckily, there are even more ways for budget shoppers to find cheap furniture than ever before.

If you don’t want to finance your furniture for several months or years, explore some of the best places to get cheap furniture at prices that you won’t regret paying. We’ll also share some tips on what to look for to ensure you buy a piece of new or used furniture that is built to last.
1. Big Box Stores
If you don’t want to buy used furniture, consider purchasing something new from a large retailer. These items aren’t top quality, but they are generally affordable and easy to assemble. This furniture will work well in dorm rooms, kids’ rooms, or any other temporary living situation.
Homegoods Ikea Target Walmart Big Lots Bed, Bath & Beyond 2. Online Furniture Stores
Online retailers can cut their prices because they have less overhead than brick and mortar shops. If you want furniture in the latest styles and don’t mind not seeing it in person, check out some of these popular online stores. If you want to make sure you’re buying a quality piece of furniture, your best bet here is to read plenty of reviews.
Wayfair Overstock Birch Lane Amazon Hayneedle Joss & Main 3. Online Auctions
One of the internet’s many wonders is eBay, which has been around for a while. Many people forget that this marketplace has more to offer than electronics and antiques.

But there’s a category dedicated to furniture. The prices are super low, even on furniture in new condition, and you can often get free shipping. eBay is not a resource to forget about as you search for the cheapest office chair or coffee table. You can filter your results to include items that are local and pick them up to save on any shipping fees.

Beyond eBay, consider other large-scale online sites that specialize in vintage items, like Etsy.
4. Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace
Peer to peer marketplaces are a favorite resource on this list for several reasons. First, you can shop or sell used items 24/7. Yard sales only pop up every once in a while, but Craigslist and Facebook Market Place are like a vast online yard sale that’s running all the time. Second, you can find almost anything, from knick-knacks to car parts that you can’t get anywhere else.

As long as people are buying new couches or bookshelves, they’ll have old ones—often in excellent condition—that they no longer want. Prices on these forums are low, and most sellers are willing to negotiate.

One word of advice: Make sure you check the furniture for signs of pests like bedbugs before committing to the purchase.
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If you aren’t looking for something super specific, garage sales are one of the best places to get cheap furniture during the summer. Yard sales are a way for people to get rid of the things that they don’t want or need any longer and potentially make a few dollars while doing it. In many instances, money isn’t a priority, which means super low prices on furniture! Plus, you can always negotiate.

How to barter for a better deal: If you see a filing cabinet for sale that you want, but notice that the $50 asking price is just too much, then talk to the seller. Point out the rust inside the middle drawer or explain that your budget is $30. Chances are, he’ll appreciate the opportunity to get rid of it and give you a deal in the process.
6. Thrift stores
Thrift stores have a lot more to offer than ugly Christmas sweaters. Large ones like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will always have a section of the store dedicated to furniture, and they don’t typically take anything that’s not in good condition, so you can count on finding something that won’t break the second you go to use it.

The best thing about purchasing a piece from a thrift store is that the money you spend will go to a good cause.
7. Family and Friends
If you prefer to spend as close to nothing as possible, here’s your best chance of getting something free. Ask your aunts, grandparents, third cousins, and great uncles if you can have a look around that cluttered basement or attic. There’s probably something hidden away that hasn’t been used or missed in years.

With a little refurbishing, you might be able to give it a new life in your own home.
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The best places to get cheap furniture aren’t always obvious, and the challenge of furnishing a new place is a tough one. If you shop smart, you can overcome that obstacle and relax (on the comfy new couch you found on eBay).

And for those of you who aren’t necessarily in need of new furniture but would like a fun project, finding cheap furniture and upcycling it can be rewarding! You might even find that the Goodwill bookshelf you just painted looks even better in your living room than the one you already had.

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