Ryobi Link Tool Storage System 2022 Expansion

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Hero

Ryobi has announced several new additions to their LINK modular tool storage system.

The Ryobi Link system, exclusively available at Home Depot, includes wall-mounted storage for tools, accessories, and workshop supplies, as well as stackable tool boxes.

All of the new attachments and accessories should be available starting in August, 2022.

Ryobi Link 18V Cordless Power Tool Holders

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Cordless Tool Holders

First-up, there’s a new 18V One+ cordless power tool holder.

It has a 5lb weight capacity and is designed to fit most single-handed Ryobi 18V tools, such as drills, impact drivers and wrenches, oscillating tools, inflators, staplers, and so forth.

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Individual 18V Cordless Tool Holder

The holders are sold individually, and feature a rotatable stem for adjusting the direction docked tools will face.

Ryobi Link Tool Shelf Example Usage
Ryobi Link Tool Shelf (Existing Product)

Ryobi already has a large tool shelf, but the new individual holders allow for more flexible positioning.

Model: STM817
Price: $8

Ryobi Link 18V Battery Holder

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 18V Battery Holder Attached

The new expansion includes a 4-slot battery shelf.

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 18V Battery Holder Empty

The battery holder can support any Ryobi 18V One+ Li-ion batteries, and has a 15lb weight capacity.

There are also 2 oval holes, which are not described in press or marketing information. These could be mounting holes for using the battery holder as a standalone storage accessory without first needing to purchase and install Link system rails.

Model: STM818
Price: $15

Ryobi Link 40V Max Battery Holder

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 40V Battery Holder

There is also a new 3x 40V Max battery holder, also with a 20 lb weight capacity.

Model: STM819
Price: $15

Ryobi Link Cleaning Shelf

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Paper Towel Roll Holder

The new cleaning shelf features a paper towel roll holder, which sits below a flat shelf.

Ryobi says the new Link cleaning shelf has a 20 lb weight capacity and is ideal for paper towels, spray bottles, shop towels, and other such supplies.

The towel rod is reversible, for easier access in tight spaces, and there’s a convenient tear edge located on the underside of the shelf.

This shelf also has two [standalone mounting?] holes within its Link system cleats.

Model: STM403
Price: $20

Ryobi Link Reversible Hooks

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Reversible Hooks

There are 2 new reversible hooks, a double-hook for use with tools, and a J-hook for use with tools, supplies, and accessories with hanging loops.

The tool hook has a 20lb weight capacity, and the J-hook can support up to 15lbs.

Both hooks feature steel construction and a non-slip coating, and can also be mounted upside down for higher storage density.

Model: STM816 (Tool-Hook), STM815 (J-Hook)
Price: $8 (Tool-Hook), $6 (J-Hook)

Ryobi Link Customizable Foam Tool Box Insert

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Custom Foam Tool Box

The new Ryobi Link customizable foam insert can be used with their standard or medium-sized tool boxes.

The foam is layered, allowing for more easily adjustable cutting depth.

Model: STM307
Price: $20

Ryobi Link Quick-Release Tool Box Handle Pins

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Usage

Lastly, Ryobi has added a quick change handle kit for their STM201 Link rolling tool box.

Ryobi Link Tool Storage System Expansion 2022 Quick Change Tool Box Handle Pins

This kit consists of 2 detent pins with ribbed pull tabs, and allows their rolling tool box handle to be quickly removed for lower profile storage, such as under a truck bed cover.

Model: STM200K
Price: $10


It seems that Ryobi is firmly invested in their new Link tool and workshop storage system.

We recently reported that Ryobi Link system components were already on clearance at Home Depot. I checked my local Home Depot stores recently, and couldn’t find any Link system products at all, but word is that they’re going to find permanent placements at select Home Depot stores, rather than in endcaps.

I would imagine that users will have to look online to purchase most of these new accessories.

The new hooks have lower weight capacities compared to the initial offerings, but they’re also less expensive.

It seems that at least some of the new Link accessories might be mountable to vertical wall, cabinet, or workbench surfaces, which in my opinion increases their appeal.

Being able to install 18V tool holders or the battery holder anywhere I please, rather than requiring Link wall panels to be installed, greatly expands the potential of the these accessories.

Ryobi products are not always the most innovative, featureful, or highest quality. The new Link accessories seem to be simple, but well-thought-out.

I have not yet been interested in trying out the Link system, but some of these new accessories are chipping away at that reluctance.