Small Space Living as a Global 2020 Trend

Small Space Living as a Global 2020 Trend

We are often told that, in order to be happy, we need to buy ourselves a lavish home with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a huge garden and preferably a pool. Of course, that home should be in a desirable area with no crime and the proximity to all the amenities that make life batter.

However, due to economic downfalls in the last ten years, it’s more difficult than ever to afford such a purchase, especially if you have college loans to pay off as well.

Luckily, there’s a new trend on a horizon: small space living and if you’re looking to change your address or just move to another place, here are some reasons why you should choose a small place as your next home.

Living in a smaller home is a financially wise decision

Big homes might look great in theory, whereas in fact, they require a lot of maintenance and work. On the other hand, small homes don’t use that much energy, which means they’re cheaper and easier to maintain. Energy costs are much lower, which will also save you a lot of money in the long run. If you are just starting your family or want to move to a new home, feel free to consider a smaller place instead of a traditionally spacious one, because chances are, you’ll be equally happy and satisfied with something less lavish and simpler. However, it might take you some time to come to this decision, so don’t do anything on a whim, and make sure to check out all the available options before you make a final decision.

Small space living is eco-friendly

Last year was all about climate change and the effects it has on our beloved planet, so it’s only logical that 2020 trends are all about sustainability and an eco-friendly way of living. Small space living is a perfect opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and lower the levels of energy waste that you would have to deal with if you would live in a big home.

Using less heating, electricity, and water can have a positive impact on your bank balance at the end of the month. Opting for a more sustainable lifestyle can surely help you live a healthier and more productive life.

Choosing to rent can be a great solution

Many young professionals who are yet to settle into a regular family-oriented lifestyle prefer living in small places as they don’t need that much care, which is essential for someone who spends a lot of time at work or out with their friends.

The great upside of this new trend is that small apartments work for a lot of people, from single individuals to senior citizens. Therefore, if you’re looking to move from your current home, feel free to check out all the available serviced studios for rent, considering that this option can be great for if you are too busy to shop for furniture and decor elements, as everything is arranged in advance.

Choosing to rent can give you a taste of living in a small place without actually having to commit to anything for a long period.

Smaller spaces are easier to decorate

Living in a small house, an apartment or a studio means less energy spent on trying to find perfect decor elements. On the other hand, small space living allows you more room to be creative and experimental. Also, you can make a micro-apartment feel bigger if you implement the right interior design elements.

In many countries and cultures, the micro apartment interior design is still developing, but the key is to arrange everything to feel spacious enough and comfortable. Getting multipurpose furniture such as adjustable tables and bedside cabinets can save you a lot of space and make your tiny apartment look bigger.

Living in smaller place means more decluttering

Having all the unneeded things lying around means more mess in general, and if you’re busy with work and household chores, then it’s not surprising if you have a lack of time to regularly declutter. Plus, when you live in a bigger house, you have enough space to put things away and forget about them.

Whether it’s a garage, a basement, an attic or a storage room, when you have a big home, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary clutter accumulating around you. But, if you opt to live in a smaller apartment, you can’t let clutter lie around, so if you’re someone who loves to clean your space, then studio apartments or smaller living spaces is the right choice for you.

Making Small Spaces Seem Larger

If you do decide to downsize, you can do a lot with small spaces to make them seem larger. For example, dark colors make rooms look smaller while light colors can have the opposite effect.

Too much furniture in a room can make it seem to tight and adding mirrors may also give the illusion of a room being much larger than it really is.

Spending some time and money on the right lighting will absolutely make a huge difference well. For example, a small kitchen can seem very different simply by adding under cabinet lighting.

In conclusion, small space living is a trend that we will see more in the future, and for a good reason. People are getting tired of overspending and living in lavish homes that waste energy. Small homes and apartments are charming, more affordable and easy to maintain, which is why more and more people will opt to live that way.

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