This Best-Selling Storage Unit Is Now Available in the U.S.

Between Flintstone-esque nooks and neon-colored floating ledges, we know by now that storage doesn’t have to be boring. Sometimes it can even be a focal point. Case in point: Hay’s powder-coated steel shelving unit, which comes in dusty blue and forest green and is now officially available to buy in the U.S. 

Due to popular demand (eagle-eyed fans of the Danish brand might remember when it was temporarily sold at the MoMA Design Store a couple years ago), the retailer is rolling out the best-seller Stateside. The frame is simple enough, with an industrial-inspired aesthetic that makes it perfect for anyone in search of a contemporary option. You can mount it on the wall or leave it freestanding.

And since we’ve spotted garage-style shelving in a few of our favorite spaces, we’ve learned there are so many ways to utilize the surprisingly versatile unit:

In the bathroom you share with a roommate, to put an end to fighting over medicine cabinet real estate. 

In the living room, to house stacked books and those vases you brought back from your trip last summer, carefully swaddled in beach towels. 

In the kitchen, to bring in a hit of pastel blue and make up for any lack of pantry space in the process. 

In the dining room, as a modern take on a traditional china cabinet—because the dinnerware collection you spent the past few years building deserves a moment in the spotlight.


The fixture retails for $275—though if it’s not quite your style, check out these other pieces we’re loving from Hay. There’s no better time to get started on an organizational project, right?

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