Tips on Hiding Holiday Gifts in Your Apartment

Storage and closet space has been a life-long problem for homeowners and apartment renters alike. Lets face it every home (apartment or not) can always use more storage space. Which begs the question, what do you do around the holidays when trying to hide those holiday gifts from prying-eyes? Well heres a quick list of tips that will help you keep the big surprise-an actual surprise-before the holidays!

holiday boxesWrap It Up!
One way to make sure those holiday gifts dont get found without your approval is to just leave them out in the open! Wrap the gifts and leave them in a special place for all to seeand make sure to mention that handling these items is strictly prohibited. Also, oddly shaped gifts (such as a basketball, or a record album) can always be recognized-even if theyre wrapped-so gifts like these may need to find a spot at the top of your closet till the holiday celebration.

Short Term Storage Unit
Obviously this is a last resort, but we have heard instances where apartment renters in Brooklyn or Queens, who have limited storage space and big families, often rent a small storage unit to store all their holiday gifts. Of course this is not for everyone, but why not post a message on your resident bulletin board asking neighbors if they want to chip-in or go-partners on a small unit together. It will save you money, space and may help you make a new friend or two during the holidays.


The Trunktrunk
No, not this trunk! If all else fails theres always the trunk of your car. This is a great place to hide gifts because not only is there plenty of room, but children will not have access, (nor even care) to look in your cars trunk for holidays gifts and treats. One caveat when using this method is you want to make sure that the gifts you intend to store in your car are not sensitive to cold or extreme weather. Electronics and valuable items (such as cameras or video game consoles) may have to be hidden elsewhere, but the bulk of your holiday gifts can easily be placed here with little too no risk of being found.

BaggageIn a Suitcase
Everyone has an empty suitcase or two shoved in the back of their closets, so why not open these up and store your holiday gifts here!?! Plus, most suitcases also come with locks so theres that extra bit of security and peace of mind youll get when storing your presents here. Suitcases are also great places to hide smaller gifts such as; jewelry boxes, socks, headphones etc., you can fit a ton of small gifts in each piece of luggage you own.

Decoysbankers box
Speaking of smaller gifts, heres a great idea. Grab some empty boxes from your place of work or the supermarket and label the boxes, Tax Forms or Receipts. Label them something a child would never be interested in looking at, and place their gifts in there. You can even leave the boxes out in the open! Were sure once a child sees something boring like, Expense Reports in your room they wont dare take a peek.


The Basement, Garage or Attic
Whats that you say, your Long Island apartment doesnt come with a basement or garage? Well, not to toot our own horn, but some Heatherwood complexes have separate garages available to rent for an extra fee per month (obviously you have to already be a Heatherwood resident to get this option). Some residents in our Echo Pond Luxury Apartment complex in Moriches, NY have full basements for storage (and for hiding gifts!). Lastly, there are other Heatherwood complexes that come with outdoor storage adjacent to their units, these are also great places to hide holiday gifts, and they have a lock on them too!

Final Thoughts
Lastly, there are a few more places you can hide those special gifts you dont want found before the holidays; places like your private dresser draw, a laundry bin, or near cleaning supplies (kids already know the cabinet with the cleaning supplies are off-limits). Another idea is to ask a neighbor in your apartment community to switch gifts with you. They take your gifts and you take theirs. So even if the gifts are found, no surprise will be spoiled, as the gifts are not for them anyway!

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