Top tips to clean out your home during half term

With spring around the corner, now’s the time to start decluttering, and as it’s half term it’s a good idea to enlist the kids to help get your home spick and span once again.

Here, Attic Self Storage share the top five tips to help ease your clear-outs.

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  • Store items you don’t use

It’s not always easy to declutter because we have so many sentimental items which get in our way, but it’s likely that we probably don’t use these them. If you are struggling over whether to keep an item or to get rid of it, remember that you don’t have to decide right now. Consider boxing up your belongings and placing them in one of our units at Attic Self Storage. Putting items that you don’t use into storage is an instant way to create more space at home. It also saves you from throwing any items away just because you have no room to store them! Self-storage is ideal for bulky items and seasonal interiors such as Christmas decorations. We have four locations across London and you will have access 24/7.


  • Let the kids lend a hand

If your children are old enough to go to school, they can help with some spring cleaning. Buy some boxes and start by asking them to put all of their toys inside. Anything no longer needed goes into a separate pile and can go to a charity shop. If you involve the child, ask them which church or charity they would like to support so they will feel more in control of the process. It will also make them feel more positive about saying goodbye to things they have enjoyed.


  • Set small goals

When starting to tidy-up it’s easy to overestimate how much can be done in one day. Remember that decluttering is a process and can take time. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, start with one drawer and take it from there. Ask yourself how long it has been since you last used a particular item. If it has been a long time then maybe think about giving it away which can be cathartic. Often a clear room can lead to a clear mind.

  • Think about the focus of the room

 Since lockdown our lives at home have changed and it’s likely at least one person in the household is now working a portion of the week from home. This may mean the focus of a particular room has now changed from a bedroom to a study and perhaps the wardrobe is no longer needed or maybe a smaller one would be a better fit. By removing furniture, you will make a room feel bigger. Plus, there are plenty of charities which will collect large items for free.

  • Declutter everywhere

If you’re struggling on where to start, make your way to the garage or the loft. Once these areas are clear, you’ll have more room to store belongings you actually want to keep. After this, go to the hallway because having a clear entrance/exit will always make your life easier. Don’t stop once you’re done with every room in the house. Take your clear-out to the next level by decluttering your wallet, fridge and freezer, drinks cabinet and so on. 

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