Transform a piece of furniture with paint: 5 things to know absolutely

Transform a piece of furniture with paint: 5 things to know absolutely

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There are people who make fabulous bouquets of flowers and others who know how to blow glass.Me,I paint furniture!A type ofDIY projectthat causes rather lively debates between those who adore the idea of giving a second life to furniture and those who find it unacceptable to paint solid wood.Today I am going to try to address both groups:

  • first by inspiring those who like to indulge in this kind of the project;
  • then trying to convince the most reluctant thanks to the benefits of some harmless layers of paint on an obsolete piece of furniture.

Heres all you need to know abouthow to transform old furniture with paint. You can actually even create more storage with your transformed furniture, do not get rid of the old vintage pieces, instead you could consider repainting!

1. Find the right potential furniture

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Do you have old-fashioned brown furniture lying around in the garage or in the basement?Clearly, this one has seen better days.

However, under its varnish yellowed by time, itscurves are interesting, itsconstruction is of qualityand thewood which constitutes it is massive.These are the only 3 criteria to consider before transforming it.

Just tell yourself that the fate you reserve for him with a few layers of paint can not be worse than the one he is currently experiencing: sad and lonely.

2. Choose the new look of the furniture with care

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Now that your decision to save the furniture is made, you will need to decide on the new look you want to give it.A glamorous style with an ultra glossy lacquer paint?Or a more rustic look with chalky matte paint and a washed / worn finish?Whatever style you choose, make sure to respect the origin of the furniture and its primary look.By this I mean that a Victorian-style piece of furniture is doing very well in a glamorous transformation, while a piece of furniture with simpler and more refined lines will be highlighted with a treatment closer to its stumps.

3. Follow the right technique and apply!

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This is where it gets boring, but just a little bit.Painting a piece of furniture is not rocket science If we are well prepared!What I notice most often in the press with which people whose transformation.You have to take your time and apply yourself to paint a piece of furniture successfully.This is important for a successful finish;do not forget that you will see your creation in your decor every day!Here is a summary ofimportant steps that should not be overlooked:

  1. Clean your furniture at theTSPto degrease it.
  2. Sand the surface of the furniture to scratch it and thus help the adhesion of the paint OR Pick the surface of the furniture.
  3. Wet a damp cloth all over the cabinet surface to remove dust from sanding.
  4. Apply a coat of water-based primer.If you useAnnie Sloan Chalk Paint, you do not need to do this step.
  5. Apply your 2 to 3 coats of paint of the color of your choice.
  6. Sand lightly with fine paper between each layer to remove bubbles and small bristles.

4. Dare audacity

Now is the time for me to give you my pre-match speech: DARE!Your furniture did not please you in its original state, sodo not limit yourselfso that you do not like it more in the end.Take this opportunity to give your furniture (and the decor of your entire room!) A healthy dose of color and wow!

5. Get inspired before you start

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Finally,take the time to get inspiredbefore starting your project.Browse magazines, surf sites inspired byPinterestorHouzz, choose a piece of fabric or a decorative cushion that you like to establish your choice.Inspiration can come from everywhere and if you trust it, it will guide you in the transformation of your furniture.And tell you that at worst, if you are not completely satisfied with the result, there is always the stripper, is not it?Good project!

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