When moving in with your significant other you will have to combine two households without generating unnecessary stress and tension

When moving in with your significant other you will have to combine two households without generating unnecessary stress and tension

The process of blending two households and two different family practices can be both challenging and exciting. Even if you’ve lived with roommates or partners before, chances are you didn’t have to combine two households as you probably had complementary stuff. Having decided to take their relationship to the next level, newlyweds may face a number of logistical issues once the honeymoon phase is over.  

Merging two different lives, habits and emotional patterns after marriage comes with a lot of tricks and hiccups. As it turns out, it will put your patience and willingness to compromise to the test. Many couples have to handle day-to-day issues even during the sweetest and most romantic phase following their marriage. If you haven’t shared living space with your partner before, soon you will discover what it is like actually to combine two households and two different personal backgrounds.

When the time comes for you to make plans and moving projects, make sure you are honest about your real needs. Ideally, you’ll be merging your homes in a fair way without causing distress and resentment. However, connecting two homes without introducing some major changes is near to impossible. Although it may seem like a straight-forward and highly logical task, the adjustment process can become rather intense down the road. So, to make sure you are on the same page, have an honest conversation with your partner before you even start the moving process. Discuss your expectations, needs, and requirements and be ready to compromise so as to avoid unnecessary conflicts. With the right mindset and positive attitude, you’ll manage to mix up your belongings and create a home you’ve always wanted.
Inventory your personal belongings when about to combine two households
Draw a floor plan to figure out how to squeeze your stuff in

No matter if you are moving to a brand new apartment or to your partner’s place, chances are you will need all the space you could possibly get. And since both of you probably have all of the things that a household needs, the first concern has just presented itself – how to decide whose belongings to part with. It’s no secret that some decisions are easier than others. However, this one is anything but simple and straight-forward.

Having made a thorough inventory list of your earthly possessions, you can compare them and decide on the floor plan of your new home. Afterward, you will be able to identify duplicates, outdated and unnecessary stuff that you can live without.

Easier said than done, right? If you are like most people, your items have probably grown on you in time. Which now makes it fairly difficult to let go of them. Cutting the cord with your sentimental clutter is one the most difficult decisions one has to make when about to combine two households.

However, considering the size of your new home and your actual needs, try to decide which items you will be moving with you. Make sure your partner is also ruthless when decluttering before the move. In case you cannot reach an agreement regarding what to keep and what to toss, consider renting a long-term storage NYC to keep your items safe while away from home. If there are items you are not ready to part with yet, store them safely until you need them again. Renting a storage facility can be a temporary solution. Especially if you are struggling with too many items in a limited living space.
Plan how to arrange and decorate your new place
Create a new inviting home that reflects your personalities and preferences

Combining two households means mixing your lifestyles, tastes and décor ideas. Setting up your first home after marriage will mark the beginning of a new phase in your lives. Full of big dreams, hopes, and expectations. While you may have different lifestyle and ideas, it turns out that everything’s about balance, patience and compromise.

You can actually enjoy the entire decorating process without losing your mind along the way. In order to create a functional, appealing home you will have to find the most efficient way to blend your different tastes and décor ideas. Just listen to each other’s needs and do all the planning as a couple. Different elements can work together, so don’t automatically exclude your partner’s ideas no matter how strange they may sound.

An open-minded attitude will be beneficial for a successful outcome of your decorating process. Embrace eclecticism. Approach the situation optimistically when creating a unique style that represents your union and reflects who you are. Creating a warm and welcoming home takes time. You don’t have to buy all the furniture at once. Leave room for some new, mature ideas that may come up when you are more relaxed and under no pressure.
Get professional movers aboard
So, moving in with your significant other is an important event where the two of will have to coordinate everything. Well, mostly everything…Thankfully, there are professional movers who have moved hundreds of couples before. And who know how to tailor their services according to customers’ specific needs.

Whether you are looking for skillful movers who will accurately pack your items and transport them to your new place or those who are also offering affordable storage Brooklyn solutions, there are many options to choose from. Unless you already have a friend’s recommendation in place, make sure to analyze moving reviews and movers’ online presence and reputation. With the right moving crew by your side, the relocation process will go off without a hitch. You will have plenty of time to plan the layout of your new home.

When about to combine two households you should brace yourself for potential emotional and logistical difficulties and hiccups. Luckily, you can have your movers take care of the moving day coordination and heavy lifting. And save your energy and time for the upcoming projects.

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