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Gladiator GAGD275DRG Premier Modular GearDrawer - Red

Gladiator GAGD275DRG Premier Modular GearDrawer - Red

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At two feet deep, the Premier Modular GearDrawer cabinet provides superior storage capacity over typical 18” deep cabinets. Each of the five drawers rides on full-extension ball bearing slides for smooth operation and includes cushioned drawer liners.

  • 5 full-extension adjustable drawers simplify organization
  • Holds up to 3,500 lbs. per cabinet and 150 lbs. per drawer
  • Welded steel double-side wall construction allows for exceptional structure and ideal support for storage needs.
  • The round drawer lock offers additional security, keeping kids and pets away from harmful and unsafe products. All Gladiator® products can be secured with the same key.
  • Ideal for larger hand tools such as medium power tools, smaller cordless drills or grinders. It is also the perfect spot for larger power tools.
  • Heavy-duty solid rubber 5 in. x 2 in. casters increase this unit’s stability. Front casters lock, making it possible to hold the unit in place while swiveling rear casters make the unit easy to move and dock under modular workbenches.
  • 28"W x 34.5"H x 25"D


Please note that while Gladiator offers excellent products they can be fairly unpredictable regarding turnarounds and product availability during different periods of the year. During the spring leading into the summer months (home improvement season) turnaround tends to be slower due to lack of product availability in certain distribution centers around the country - this can lead to longer wait times for items to ship (sometimes 4 weeks). While, this may not make you happy, you will face those same turnarounds no matter where you order Gladiator products from, as they are sourced from the same distribution center. We like to be as honest as possible with our customer-base and we want our customers to have adequate expectations regarding product turnaround and availability.

Expert Advice About the Gladiator GAGD275DRG Welded Steel Modular GearDrawers Garage Cabinet.

I love this drawer unit. Customer’s call and this is such an easy cabinet to talk up. It’s welded steel so it’s strong. It has ball bearing drawer slides so it’s smooth. The 2 foot depth is right on for fitting just about anything into the 5 drawers – which are also lockable, so valuable tools won’t be a problem for storing. Maneuvering this cabinet is so easy with the casters. The rear wheels swivel and the front lock; so you get a mobile workstation with this unit, especially with the optional Maple Work Top. If you don’t want the Maple Tops, no worries, because this unit comes with a vinyl top mat that will keep the cabinet top and your tools in good condition. The recessed top also stops nails and screws and such from falling to the floor. Don’t have to worry about dinging it up with the bumpers on the sides. They also help align the cabinet when you’re docking under Gladiator workbenches also. Oh yeah, they fit perfectly under gladiator welded workbenches. These are powder coated cabinets also, so you don’t have to worry corrosion if you are in a damp environment. This is just a great product and people will be instantly envious of your Gladiator garage. And that feels real nice.

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